Nuendo 6.5.3 MXF error

Hi, since I’ve updated Nunedo 6.5 to 6.5.3 I’m getting following error when loading a project:
nuendo error 1.PNG
nuendo error 2.PNG

Any ideas? I’ve made a maintanence on eLicenser, I have the latest version of eLicense center…


sorry for the inconvenience. This is a bug in Nuendo 6.5.30 and will be fixed in Nuendo 6.5.40.
For the time being, the workaround would be to take the mxfhandler.dll from Nuendo 6.5.20 and copy it into the 6.5.30 program folder (…\Components\MXFHandler)


Is this Windows only?
Or is it just the NEW

The issue was new in 6.5.30. I assume the fix is already available in the 6.5.35 update, but I did not verify this by myself. I have just seen reports from Windows users.


Thanks, never saw this on mac. Not in 653 nor 6535 (installed only today)