Nuendo 6.5 and Motu v4HD

Hi all,

having issues with outputting video through the MOTU V4HD. Video options display and it all works as it normally has in past version of nNuendo. But when u playback it freezes. its very strange because if i scrub the video moves as normal… only hangs on playback… weird…

anyone know of way to get this working.???

Moutu V4HD works a treat with V5.5 and everything seems exactly the same in 6.5 (i.e. video options) but it just hangs on playback.

any help would be welcomed

Nuendo 6.5.2
osx 10.7.5
2 x 2.8 quad core intel Xeon
motu vehd

ya know i was wondering if that unit works with nuendo…what codec do you use? and when it did work was winding and shuttling smooth? do you have the latest version of nuendo? and are there drivers for the motu? it shows up in video playback options?

I would live to know this too. Would be good to know if there is an alternative to the Blackmagic.