Nuendo 6.5 and UAD 2 octo Crashes

When working with Uad plugins in Nuendo 6.5 on my 12 core mac OSX 10.9.4 I experience crashes during UAD Plugin instantiation and even plugin removal.

Anybody else having similar problems?



No problems with 6.5 and UAD-2 Quad here in Win 7 64 bit.

No probs with 10.9.4 and a UAD-2 Quad here.


Thanks for the replies. Must be something else in my system causing the problem.

I have not experienced any crashes, but I have found that if I open a project containing uad plugins that was created prior to N6.5 the tracks containing those plugins play back sometimes either too early or too late. The solution is to remove the plugins and then reload them into the same slots. Weird.

Have you tried resetting the plugin cache? It may well be that there is an issue there.
I don’t know where it lives on a Mac, but the files you need to delete (and rebuild) on a PC are called “VstPlugInfo.xml” and “VstPlugInfoV2.xml” and they are both in the prefs folder.
There will probably be similar files for AU versions, and if you delete these it will force Nuendo to rescan all VST2 plugins and rebuild it’s internal database of them and the odds are this will fix your problem - give it a try!
(NB - slight downside - it will lose any custom VST2 plugin folders you have defined, and these will need to be put back in the plugin information screen - do not do a rescan from there either - close & restart Nuendo instead)