Nuendo 6.5 and VariAudio Pitch&Warp crash!!


Does anybody here have problem with VariAudio?? My Nuendo often crashes when using the VariAudio Pitch correction… Everything works ok, all of a sudden it starts to turn “windmill” and Nuendo closes (without any plugins running!!)
Where would be the problem?

I’m MAC user (Mac Pro 2008 8-core w. 10Gb RAM), OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks and Nuendo 6.5.35 (64-bit).

(If you tell me where I can find LOG file, I will send it to you.)

TNX for your help!



I’ve only had these problems when I have over-taxed the system (not difficult - see sig…!), and most likely run out of memory (RAM). More specifically, its when I’ve loaded VariAudio with too big a file (whole 4min song) and gone merrily working away - then out of nowhere, boom…!

You could try using smaller chunks of audio (split your ‘main’ file into segments). I can say, that since making a habit of doing this, I’ve thankfully not seen a crash in ages… I’d guess there are limits of what constitutes ‘smaller file size’, which will shift in line with system specs/memory load/project size.

Not a MAC guy so don’t know where the log files are stored - but SB devs I’m sure, would certainly take a look at them.

Good luck.

I’ve tried with smaller parts, then I bought completely new RAM … 24Gb. Problem is still not solved …

Here is Crash Log if it helps:
Download link

Did you bounce these smaller chunks before doing the vari audio editing?
If not, it was still accessing/loading the entire file.

No, I didn’t…

But, how could this happen even without bouncing to smaller parts??

Will there be any fix for this, Steinberg?

once I had very ugly problems with crashes in 6.5 - I can not recall what the culprit was but as far as I remember it had to to with the algo which I choosed in the prefs in combination of the settings of the project…

I wanted to use warp in the sample editor and it “re-calculated” something after I first set a warp-marker - and then it creates some kind of crasy “re-calculation” loop till Nuendo crashed… it was nasty… I can not 100 % recall what I did to get rid of it - but I set the timestretch algo in the prefs to “realtime” and all was fine again… try messing with these settings a little!

I tried everything … but Nuendo crashed all the time except in the case if there are no plug-ins loaded!!!

If all tracks all totaly “clean” (no inserts), VariPitch works like a charm!

Can we expect “bug fix” for this problem?? and WHEN??? TNX!!

P.S. In general VST3 plug-ins causing major problems in Nuendo! Among other things, such as the closure of the program! It is practically impossible to close Nuendo without a crash in the end!