Nuendo 6.5 hands on document

When I click on the link for the Nuendo 6.5 hands on document, I get a page that says that “this page is no longer available”.

Where can I find documentation on Nuendo 6.5’s new features?

And is there an updated manual?

There is no updated user manual, just a ‘new feature’ pdf - can you believe that for a pro piece of software?!

I spent many years developing and marketing specialist Music Business accounting software. With every update we provided full on line and printable documentation covering all new features and fixes/changes. We would never have thought it acceptable to just provide update notes, as every update would render the full user manual more and more out-of-date. As I was the designer and main programmer I always wrote the documentation myself as each new feature was added, or change was made, so that nothing was forgotten, which is something else that Steinberg should consider.

Curious since it was said that 6.5 doesn’t get a “bug fixes” section since it’s a new version. New versions get new operation manuals typically. A bit inconsistent.

You know, the new features pdf is not bad… :confused:

You’re right, but it’s not a part of the N6.xx user manual - once you’ve got a bunch of add-on pdf’s it gets really messing trying to find the info you need.


Good point. I guess it wouldn’t be too hard to at least add the new info to the PDF version.

The pdf manual is all there is now, which is fine by me. One of the great things about pdf manuals is the fact that they can easily be updated; a fact that seems to be ignored at Steinberg.

If the manual was kept up-to-date, Steinberg would not need to provide so much support, as users (and the Steinberg Support department) would be able to more easily find what they are looking for.

I prefer a new features pdf for a .5 update

But things have changed - Steinberg are saying that N6.5 is a full new version, no longer a maintenance update, and therefore they have not included a bug fix list - we are expected to find out for ourselves what has and what has not been fixed.

One doesn’t exclude the other though, does it? Steinberg can compile the new features in a new pdf as well as in the main operating manual.

If new features only exist in a new pdf then you’re forced to search first the new pdf for any changes, and if you don’t find what you look for there move on to the previous pdf. Because if you start with the original operation manual of N6.0.0 then there may be changes after that version, and those will be documented in any of the following ‘update pdfs’. So you have to work through the pdfs ‘backwards’ until you find the information you need. (and I’m not just talking about entirely new features like the track visibility feature, but also changed functionality)

Hardly practical for the user.

I see a point here.
Maybe .pdf offers a function to have both in the same file. Something like a flag for new in this version?