Nuendo 6.5 Normalize loudness switch adds a frame

Hey guys,

When I’ve set the locators around a piece of audio I want to export and switch the “Normalize to integrated loudness” on in the “export audio” menu; the exported file is 1 frame longer than the time I’ve set between the locators.

If I repeat the same export (not changing the locators, so the exported length remains the same), but now with the “Normalize to integrated loudness” off, there is no extra frame added and the length is exactly the same as the length between the locators.

This has bin bugging me since the update, because I do a lot of commercials where the lengths have to be precicely 15 seconds or 20 seconds, and not -20 seconds 1 frame-.

Is this a bug, or a feature? :wink:



Hi Dan,

thank for the report. We will have a look into this issue.



can you provide me an example ? i just need the position of your marker you export: start and end (in seconds)
because i cannot reproduce it …here…




The marker is set from 00:05:00:00 to 00:05:15:00 (for a typical 15 second commercial). And I used the batch esxport, becasue there are always several commercials on one time line that have to be exported.

You can download the two testfiles from the link below (available till October 17th):

I also downloaded the new Nuendo 6.5.3 update before I did these exports in the hope the problem was solved, which as it turns out is not.

Please let me know your findings!

Kind regards,