Nuendo 6.5 now shipping

Dear forum-members,

Nuendo 6.5 is now shipping to distributors and dealers worldwide. Also available through the Steinberg Online Shop. The latest version of Steinberg’s audio post-production system features automated loudness processing, professional bass management, TrackVersion playlists, track visibility management, enhanced AAF file format support and much more.

A clear emphasis lies on the new ADR 2.0 taker system, with enhancements for voice and foley recordings, such as new playback/recording modes, automated naming and pre-record buffer.

The Nuendo Expansion Kit will also be updated to version 6.5.

Nuendo 6.5 content
More information on Nuendo 6.5 are available here: Nuendo 6.5 product pages
See the new Nuendo 6.5 videos: Nuendo 6.5 tutorials
Nuendo 6.5 in the Steinberg Online Shop: Buy Nuendo 6.5

Important notice for Yamaha Nuage users
If you want to use Nuendo 6.5 with the Yamaha Nuage controller system, you are required to download the Nuage System Software version 1.5. This software update ensures full compatibility of Nuage with Nuendo 6.5, including access to new features.

Here you can download the updated Nuage software: Nuage system software V1.5

Thanks for choosing Nuendo!


I looked for pdf and trial and found non.


The new features PDF is available here:

Fantastic! Thanks!

Thanks for the info. I can find the list of new features, some of which seem very useful, but I couldn’t find the list of bug fixes. Is there one?



there is no list of fixes available as this is the initial release of the 6.5 version.


OK, I understand that, but how can I find out whether or not the bugs from 6.07 have been fixed or not?


Congrats and thanks

Damn missed updating from 5 to 6 with the grace period to 6.5.

Usually a email and forum message clearly stating the cutoff/release date.

I’ve not noticed that if it’s been mentioned, unlike with cubase 7.5 and wavelab 8.5.

Nuendo 6.5 + NEK Update is not available as a downloadable update, jux boxed. When will the downloadable update be available?


You got to buy it :wink:

If there are no bugs, there are no buglist…in Steinberg land.

Seriously, if Steinberg have not prepared a fixlist from N6 and up, I start to wonder… :confused:
They HAD to know THAT question were coming.

It was temporarily unavailable but it is back online again.

Great news… Thanks :wink:

Amazingly, I am somehow able to enjoy using Nuendo to make music daily. I find it a pleasure to work with, and for some of us who have been doing this for decades now, it is “magic from the future” compared to software we were using not so long ago. The power and stability of my current N6 setup would have been a mere fantasy only a few years ago.

It’s all relative to a given mindset. Software that some people consider unusable has made me a lot of money, and been fun in the process. I’m kind of over virtually any topic, including the long awaited THE SOFTWARE IS NOW SHIPPING!!! being turned into yet another reason to complain.

Find something you enjoy working with and get on with it. Good advice, unlikely to be taken, I’m afraid.

Did you figure that that was the point of my post? Try again, and quote another more important sentence :wink:

PS. I have done this for 35+ years, making music with Nuendo since N1.6 and Cubase since SX1.
So apart from some bugs, and some kidding, I’ll do very fine with Cubendo. It is actually my favorite DAW :astonished: :open_mouth: :confused: :laughing: Go figure

N 4.3 was more stable and faster to work with for me, and I think that was 5 years ago.

I’m glad that the bugs in N6 don’t affect you, but some of them do affect me (one in particular has cost me hours of my time). The only reason I was asking about a bug fix list was because it had previously been promised. I will probably d/l the N6.5 trial at some point, when I’m not so busy, and test the program for myself, but was just hoping to avoid wasting time, if the bugs that affect me haven’t been fixed.


Downloaded my 6.5 upgrd with NEK this morning.
Clicked setup, pasted in my licence key and VOILÀ!
Instant Nuendo 6,5, loaded my most recent project and every thing runs flawlessly.
Well done SB!

Really, I was just wondering if/hoping that we could congratulate the release of 6.5 for maybe one whole day before getting back into , “I’m unhappy because”…“they should have done this differently”…, etc".

I’m sure many people at Steinberg have worked very hard to to make 6.5. I will guarantee sleep was lost getting 6.5 out the door. They are humans. I think treating them as such and simply saying “thanks” here and there is the right thing to do.

This update is working perfectly so far. Well done Steinberg!

I’ve worked the whole day on a documentary without any problems whatsoever.

Upon installation Melodyne caused a crash so I uninstalled it. Nuendo then booted up correctly. I re-installed Melodyne and Nuendo started without hassle. Will check this one properly when I have a chance.

So far the subtle graphic changes (in the Project window and Mixer) are really good. Everything seems just that much sharper. I prefer the look of the mixer without the ‘brushed’ steel look.

The ‘channel visiblity’ settings in the Project window is a great addition!

I’m looking forward to exploring all of the new features.