Nuendo 6.5 vs. Cubase 8

Was wondering if there is a feature comparison between Nuendo 6.5 with NEK vs. Cubase Pro 8. I have been playing around with C-Pro8, and it seems that Cubase is getting pretty close to the Nuendo feature set, at least on the music side. I am not a post producer, just a home studio part time musician and part time mixer. I got a bargain on Nuendo years ago, and have stuck with it because it is what I know. But Cubase 8 feels pretty good to me on first blush. My projects are not overly complicated, and I opened the most complicated N6.5 project I could think of and C8 handled it without any issues. And the “yearly” upgrade cost to at least fix some of the problems is a lot gentler in Cubase! If you have done this or have seen a comparison piece, kindly post. Happy holidays to all.

After reading some other threads, maybe the question I should ask is what N7 will have that is unique. But so far, that seems to be closely held by Steinberg, which I understand. I will have to keep plugging along in CPro8 and see if it does all I need to do. But thought that, if there was a list out there…


Mh… comparing N6.5 with C8 is not “possible” because C8 is the new version, N6.5 “still” the old… You will be able to compare with N7 next year…

I am in a similar situation - I am a music/audio producer - but I love Nuendo way over Cubase… in the same time there is nothing (in the music field) what requires Nuendo instead of Cubase. But I prefer Nuendo though and I am missing some features in Cubase which I love… Cycle Marker Export, multiple Marker Tracks, the advanced Crossfade editor… the GUI of the audio events… A lot of the ADR / post features are useless for me though.

Most likely I will temporarily switch to Cubase because V8 is just an awesome release. But even if I waste 400 bucks again for the next Nuendo update - most likely I will go back to Nuendo when N7 is out.

I just switched I have nuendo 6.5. I mostly mix and produce music. And I really don’t use anything post in nuendo.
So I went and got cubase 8. Is working great on my mac and the bounce in place is a must have for me.
I will be selling my nuendo dongle. I don’t know what n7 will have for me to keep it.

The cross fade editor and ripple edits you can do in Nuendo I have been dreaming about being in Cubase. It’s more Pyramix, Sonic Solution style fades and great for piecing together large ensemble edits. Hopefully one day this will make its way to Cubase. For now I am so glad to see VCA’s (not in Nuendo yet) and virgin automation in CB8.

For the Nuendo exclusive features see this:

Thank you Stingray. Great help. It sadly demonstrates how as a music composer and more amateur mixer I am not using the full Nuendo feature set. I bet I would be more than fine in Cubase 8 Pro only. When I moved from a standalone hard disc recorder to a PC-based DAW I was between a Nuendo transfer license at a really, really nice price (predating NEK), new Cubase (at the time pretty far behind Nuendo) and a new Pro Tools set up. It was a VERY easy decision for me then. Fact is that Nuendo has been so stable for me and easy to work with that I stay. I should get off of the upgrade treadmill and be happy in my stable bliss. Maybe after Nuendo 7…?

Thanks Stingray.