Nuendo 6.5 with nag screen?

The Steinberg Hub

Nuendo 6.5 users take a look - at the place where you used to find the standard open and save dialogs you are now invited to see “interesting news” from our marketing department. Our designers have gone a long way to make sure that the actual file path is in smallprint on the bottom of the dialog while the “news” take up 50 per cent of the window.

This way we can procrestinate your workflow and hammer in our commercials many times during the day when WE want.

/irony off

Seriously guys, I hope that is a bad joke. Isn’t Nuendo’s pricing chosen to work without NAG SCREENS?

In Cubase you can simply turn it off in options and have a file dialogue instead. I doubt Nuendo will be any different.

I’ve only ever seen the news like twice, it takes FOREVER to load.

Still, it’s a bad joke to try to sell a nag screen as a new function in a producat aimed at the pro market!

Sometimes I wish Steinberg would pay more attention to detail.

I am VERY sensitive to things like that. In app commercials are NOT for products aimed at the pro market, they make the entire programme look cheap. It’s a clear indication that you are sitting in the cheap seats. You will just not find this kind of stuff in real pro products.

I am VERY strongly opposed to the move, it places Nuendo in the wrong side of the market, and for me there is no doubt that customers, directors, actors and voice talents will notice this!

The programme shows commercials all the time = this studio cannot afford to buy a real pro system.


The first thing I did in Cubase 7/7.5 was to turn off the Hub (in the preferences).

Just a gimmick IMO. Besides that, my studio’s main DAW are not connected to the internet. Just another “childish” feature added, not worthy to mention in a “brag” list of new added features.

Steinberg have so much more important things to fix/develope. a big Naaah from me :confused:

100% agree, on all acounts. Fisher Price is coming to town.