Nuendo 6 ADR Taker - transatlantic film project

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today I’d like to point you to an interesting story regarding Nuendo 6 and the use of the new ADR Taker
for speech recording.

“Dimitrios Posukidis is mixer, recordist and dialog editor at the leading German post-facility Studio Funk. In the interview with Steinberg he talks about one of his recent ADR projects with Nuendo 6 — a transatlantic project with the New York-based Goldcrest Studios.”

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New York Calling - Nuendo 6 ADR

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Nice article.

Obviously, they don’t suffer the Quicktime related video bug that I have in my machine from 6.0.4 (reported and marked as “we don’t know why it happens”).

Interesting to read that it was done via ISDN.

Next step is VST Connect, I believe/hope.

I have always been unhappy with ISDN, the lines are unreliable, expensive and compatibility with different units from various manufacturers have given me some headaches over the years. Also I have seen audio quality as a problem in some cases.

Would be nice to see Steinberg’s alternative in such scenarios. Maybe it could also help to connect Nuendo users around the globe (just as this forum does)


I posted about this topic in the feature request area.
ISDN ist still the best way to do it. If you know how to use it, the audio quality is pristine and you barely have delays even across the atlantic and most of all you can lock timecode.
Source connect is expensive and underwhelming so far.

Steinberg yould have taken it further and I still hope they will. Until then, my APT Tokyo stays where it is.

Steinberg, please include timecode locked video and the ADR function in vst connect.
You’d be on to a winner!

Well u can use midi tc across vst connect…so u can lock any program