Nuendo-6 bug fixes

The problems that are appearing in C7 on the Cubase forum are pretty frightening (the 7.01 update seems to have fixed some bugs but also created new ones).

Can we expect all of these C7 issues to be tested and fixed in Nuendo-6+NEK before release, or are we going to have to suffer the same problems?

Import Session Data is one of the very few reasons I still use Pro Tools. Nuendo needs this sort of feature if it is to compete.


Steinberg are clearly aware of this need. I hope we can get it sooner than later.
N6 / C7 is sort of a platform launch, with the possibilities of the new mixer.

We WILL get more features.

I’m sure they will replace the lost .vmx support with something better also.

.vmx IMHO didn’t work great for the last versions. A lot of workarounds to use it.


I can’t really agree with that. I’ve been using it all week, and it has been great. It’s also useful for transferring settings between studios.

However, if there is going to be something better, I’m open minded about that. Mind you, thinking about that catastrophe called Media Bay… :frowning:


What’s wrong with it?

I can only talk about N4, but Presets go missing, trying to use certain presets on other systems doesn’t work, transferring them isn’t really possible, if you create a preset for a plug, often it can’t be loaded unless you create another one as well and try to load that first, and a few other things.


Well it’s good that you specify N4. I mean, we’re about to be two whole versions after that. I suppose you don’t know if it’s resolved then?

I agree that in N4 media bay had some irritating bugs. But those are gone in N5.x and newer.
I love media bay.


That’s good to know, because I used to email various Presets to people quite frequently, but N4 destroyed this part of my workflow. I’ll check it out when my N5 copies arrive, some time during the next couple of days.


I just want to add, for the record, that I also use the VMX function daily and in Pro-tools I also use the import session data function every session I use Pro-tools (importing tracks from old projects/other templates)…

I really hope Steinberg puts BOTH functions in Nuendo :slight_smile:

I agree with that!

I agree as well. Without vxm files or something like that I can’t use Cubendo. Track-Presets never did it for me.

I am not a home-recording dude who likes to load “bright trumpet” “fat rock kick” presets or something like that just because I don’t have a clue which plugins I need to throw on a track.

I need to transfer complex mixing settings between projects.

vxm was at least usefull, the ability to save-load for example 12 drumtracks plus 4 groups in one time… including routing and all the stuff. I used it to back up settings before I do some experimental tweaking, I used it to transfer settings.

I do not need to load mixer settings from older versions - though I have quite a lot of them for quick access/setup and it would be suboptimal when I can not use them anymore - workaround would be to load them in old version, load the project in C7, then save the mixer settings again… Well, I can not imagine that a feature like that is dropped…? This musst be a bug or something which will be fixed. Otherwise no one on earth can / will use Cubendo anymore.

For those of us running professional production studios, it is very clear that if there is either no .vmx support or another protocol introduced which covers those bases that N6 will be unsuitable. From the semi-cryptic official info given from Steinberg in the C7 forums it seems as though they will fix the issue. Only time will tell.