Nuendo 6 crashes because of Videodecode


Every now and then Nuendo 6 crashes and when i look 3 processes are ‘not responding’


Very weird because i never use video in my projects.
Sometimes it happens after exporting a mix to wav or mp3

I use OSX 10.9.1 and the latest Nuendo

If you don’t use video in your projects, you can take out the videoengine.bundle from the Nuendo app.

/Applications/Nuendo 6/Contents/Components/videoengine.bundle

Thanks, but it’s not working,

I disabled the videoengine.bundle by renaming it to .bun

and the error still happens same crash with same components

I found out after totally removing the Videocodec that Nuendo itself is the fault.

It still crashes after every bounce now. and i bounce nothing weird, just offline to mp3 like i always did