Nuendo 6 demo..Fully functional??????

We are upgrading to Nuendo 6 in the near future, so have downloaded and installed the demo. First problem I found is there is no where to save templates too. The App data shortcut takes you to an empty place. So I tried making a false template called “where am I” and searched for it. No where to be found.

The email that came with the Demo link says "This trial version of Nuendo runs for 400 hours, and offers the same functionality as the retail version."

Is the option to save prefs and templates disabled in the Demo. Or is it hidden somewhere else, it’s not according to the manual “where are the settings stored” page 825

Despite what they say IT IS NOT. It is a crippled version without NEK.


The first time I opened N6 after installation of the demo, I could’t get to the preferences as well. After quit and relaunch the prefs where OK and I could save my template in the folder:

Library>Preferences>Nuendo 6>Project templates

Good luck.


“Library>Preferences>Nuendo 6>Project templates”

really, I don’t have the system in front of me. But I thought settings where stored in the app data folder. At least that’s where the manual says it is. And the start menu shortcut takes you there.

Will have a look at Library>Preferences>Nuendo 6>Project templates. When I get a chance.

Are you sure about that? - It is running fine here. The Chorder bit is working too which I thought was a part of the NEK (might be wrong though).

I’d like to know too. Ordered N6 but it’s taking forever to get here and would like to install the trial in the meantime. Anyone else?

Install it without NEK. It will work with NEK for some time but you’ll get some nasty lockups if you try one of the Nek functions. Dongle calls are random, but are for real.

Nothing prevents you to install Nuendo trial and install the Nek feature later.
Before you ask, I tried to launch Nuendo 6 + Nek with the dongle of the Trial version and got the lockups.

Hint : Nuendo 6 trial makes a nice version to learn the feature at home on a notebook while the Big version’s dongle stay safely in the studio.