Nuendo 6 Demo - with NEK?

I am giving Nuendo 6.0.7 a try - I just downloaded the demo. I couldn’t find the Expression Maps feature so then I realized that I needed the NEK for that.
Is there any way I could demo Nuendo 6.07 WITH NEK?

I don’t think so. Unfortunately.
Get the cubase demo to try the music features.

I’m so tired of the whole NEK - Cubase Music Tools for Nuendo story that I almost have to puke.

For Steinberg to make such a fuzz, of what should’ve been nothing, I really don’t get it :unamused:

Yes, it’s a little bit confuse. I wanted install a second system on my laptop on the go. Therefore I downloaded the actual demo, install it, but no NEK included (license is on my dongle). So, I think I must install a old version from DVD first and then download the actual version and update the program. But I don’t know, if the NEK included in the actual download, are the Retrolog and so on included, where the additional soundfiles stored on sb site … Very complicated the whole things.

I’ll try it Ester again.