Nuendo 6 estimated release timeframe

Is there any tentative timeframe for the release of Nuendo 6 at this point?

Good luck with this…:slight_smile:



I am considering upgrading my Nuendo 3, but I would hate to have to pay twice to get to Nuendo 6. It would be nice to know if version 6 is around the corner and possibly a “grace” period for getting the N5.5 to N6 upgrade for free…

“Grace” periods are generally intended to be a good-faith gesture by a company when a user of said product drops X amount of dollars without really realizing that a new major version will be released so close to their purchase date.

It is not intended to open a blatant window of opportunity whereby a hard date is announced so all the holdouts can dupe the company into giving them a free upgrade.

Steiny does do grace periods to my knowledge but will never let you know when they are…


I don’t see why you would consider something like that “duping”. The way I see it, this is still revenue attributed to the new version. Once the announcement is made, all Nuendo revenue can be acknowledged as Nuendo 6 revenue. Am I missing something here?

Yes - you are. You are conveniently ignoring all the “revenue” that you have not contributed while the rest of us have over the upgrades from V3->v6

Let’s examine the following scenario:

Suppose the cost to move from Nuendo 3->5.5 today is $299.00 today and then suddenly N6 appears in two weeks and the upgrade is $399.00.

Do you think it’s fair that you pay $299.00 today + then snag a Free Upgrade (due to grace period) - while I paid $299.00 a long time ago to upgrade to N5 and then I have to pay another $399 upon the announcement of N6?

Not to mention - my upgrade dollars (along with everyone else who upgraded at the start of the N5 cycle OR way back when…) have logically and directly helped fund ongoing development for the new version while you swoop in at the very last possible moment - drop $299 and then expect a free uptick to the latest and greatest?

Maybe not “duping” but if I have to pay $399 (not to mention the cost of 3->4 and 4->5 and so on) and have supported Nuendo across a long series of upgrades over the years and you have done nothing to help the cause by sitting on V3 for years - but you suddenly get to leapfrog over all of that to N6 - for free - does not sit right with me.

But - that’s for Steinberg to decide. If they want to give it away - that’s their call. However - I believe they do not.

If it were my company - the “grace” period would only apply to new users who purchased a “full” version at full freight (non-upgrade scenario) at some predetermined time period before the new version was released. Then and only then would I allow a free move to the latest.

I can’t be sure but I think Steiny has done this in the past.


Unfortunately the cost to go from Nuendo 3 to 5.5 plus the NEK today is over $800.00 … I know 'cause I just forked it out at Long & McQuade a week ago. :open_mouth:


more official information on the availability of Nuendo 6 will be published very soon.
There will also be a grace period. Thanks for your understanding and patience.


Good news! Thanks TImo :smiley:

Timo, when you are ready to post more information about N6, if would be very helpful to be able to ask specific questions and get some answers about features that are or are not included, and bugs which are or not fixed. I’m not trying to put a dampener on this new version, but for me, upgrading to N5 would have been a waste of time and money, because there was nothing new that I needed. Obviously if N6 is more useful I will wish to upgrade, so by giving early warning I will be able to budget for upgrades to both my studios.

Thanks in advance.



And I’d like to know what “very soon” really means… Friday? Next week? December?

I don’t mean to be dragging this discussion along, but you are missing the point. I am not expecting to put any use on Nuendo 5.x, I am only interested in Nuendo 6. You’ve paid for the upgrades to 4 and 5 and I assume that you have put these versions to good use. Otherwise, what was the point? Steinberg is not a charity, they produce products that hopefully their customers purchase because there is some value proposition for them. I don’t think that Steinberg (or any other company in the world for that matter) is expecting people to pay for their products just so they can sustain their development efforts. It is always about business value (or it should be). Sorry, I will shut up now.

BTW, thank you Timo for the update.

Actually it’s very simple. If you have no intention of using N5, don’t buy it. If you do want to use it, it’s only fair that you should pay to do so. I have no intention of using N5, so I haven’t bought it. What could be more simple? :wink:


Good point DG. Sorry for making noise about this.

No need to apologise. Discussion is always good.


I don’t want to drag it out either - but I hope you understand that your original request for a “free” update is a odd one especially if you pay a lot less to move from 3->5.5. That you do not use v4 or v5 still does not justify you getting anything for free. The code/features/etc added in V4 and again in v5 have an intrinsic value - and one that you must pay for if you are making a large jump from v3 to v6.

But now - after seeing the real cost of moving from 3->5.5 ($800.00+) I do not feel so slighted if you qualified for free update during the grace period. $800 is about what we paid in upgrades so the end result is the same - as you would in fact pay for the “value” contained within v4 and v5 - whether you used them or not.

Am I reading this right? How would you suppose that Steinberg would pay the bills and their developers if none of us pay for our products? Cash flow is king - and from where I am sitting - this seems to be the only way that Steinberg could sustain development. If we stop paying - money does not flow and code does not get written.

Or do they magically get money from somewhere else?


I see your points VP. I really don’t want to argue this anymore. I feel that somehow we are both big fans of Steinberg (heck I’ve been with them since the Pro24 days), I currently own Cubase 6.5, Nuendo 3 and a whole bunch of other products from them. However, the whole NEK fiasco and the diminishing delta between Cubase and Nuendo made me to jump ship to Cubase and wait it out until Nuendo had something compelling enough for me again. I by no means expect anybody to give me anything for free. Since I know that Steinberg has the grace period policy, I was merely asking the question. I think of it more as a “pre-order” than a freebie if that makes sense.

Finally, I’m not sure about you, but the only reason that I buy products is because they provide some kind of value to me. I am not interested in paying for a product for the only reason of helping a company stay afloat. Hopefully, this makes more sense now.

Peace! :slight_smile:

Well - I see the “stay afloat” part as being a direct byproduct of us supporting the company. “Value” is a fleeing thing today with many of these companies and I try to support those that use their dollars wisely.

Peace out.