Nuendo 6 forum unlocked

I must admit I watch the Nuendo forum quite abit but ive never had the intention of buying nuendo , how do you feel that from now on people like me could potentially post in this Part of the forum .
Sorry to bother you gents but to be honest I think it’s a bad idea that the forums have now been opened .
What do you think ?


we’re observing user requests by opening the forums and will keep an eye on how this develops.
The main goal is to get rid of unneccessary borders and support requests in this regard, however,
a structured information exchange must still be able. And yes, I believe it can be possible.


Good people do not need rules to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the rules.


I can’t yet speak for how I feel about the Nuendo forum, but there have been many time when I could have answered questions (and asked them) about MIDI features on the Cubase forum, but was previously unable to do so.


Maybe the calm, measured tone of this forum will infect the Cubase forums. It would be nice.

Better VERY late than never. After years, literally, of wanting this the forum traffic appears to have doubled already. So, still very quiet here in other words.

… and hopefully not the other way around … :unamused:

How many topics do we need on this subject, you spammer ?

Till now it is only YOU that damages this forum.

exactly my point :wink:

G-string, maybe you posting your opinion on this in every important forum section is an attempt to prove our decision wrong? Anyway, this one gets closed now. Please continue in your forum issues thread, the Music lounge or where ever else you have voiced your opinion.