Nuendo 6 Help, Please

I am solo confused here. I just switched from PC to Mac. I went to download N6 and the only thing available is the latest N6.x update. Downloaded it (about 1/2 Gb) and installed it.

Launched it and all seems to launch fine (I have both N6 and the NEK).

The 1/2Gb download has me worried cause it seems WAYYYY to small, and some of the plug-ins cannot find stuff, such as Reverence not finding impulses.

What the hell is going on? I originally bought N6 as a download. I tried to find the original link but it is not working. This is crazy!!!

Does anyone have any clue what is going on and a solution?

Thanks in advance,


Hey, Tazman!
As far as I know, anything you bought as a download should still be available for you in your user account in the Steinberg online shop. The download area under “support” is only there to get the newest updates.
If all else fails, I’d contact Nuendo support via the online form.
Just a little advice: I always download the PC AND Mac versions of anything I buy and store them locally. After all, you never know…

I would have though that too, but the link says there is nothing in there. I paid the extra cash to update to 6.5 so I have the full download but after this I dont know if I will upgrade to the next version or look elsewhere. As a Nuendo user I expect a little better treatment. It’s really ridicolous!

I usually don’t save downloads since each and every company, EXCEPT for Steinberg, always has downloads of the products you have bought!


Same damn boat… I paid for 5.5 and qualified for the upgrade to 6. Downloaded AND stored both versions on a drive that bit the dust. Now I am having to rebuild PC due to voltage issue and NOWHERE is there a link to Ver. 6??? Only 6.5 upgrade. Really??? 3 days or more to get a response from tech support is HORRIBLE and UNACCEPTABLE in the real world of Professionals trying to make a living! The last thing I want to do is be forced to download and upgrade/trial version and then be bullied into paying for something I don’t need only because none of my projects will open back up in the original ver. 6. Absolute BULLSHIT!!!
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this only downloads a 1/2 G installer, open the installer and it will get you the full version
My version of 6.0.6 says it’s 6.95G (this includes the NEK)

FYI N6.5 calls for a 6.5 NEK


If it helps, some alternate perspective. We have spent over 1 Million Dollars with Digi / Avid and they could not give a #!† about supporting me/us, even when extra support is paid for. 3 days - try 3 YEARS on some aspects and still stoney cold silence on other issues - Avid, head in the sand, bum in the air blowing smoke and hot air when they do surface. The head of Avid for our part of the world is never to be seen, knows very little about anything, no idea how he can maintain a job. The last person filling that role was awesome, hence when support was available and we trusted the company, they listened to us as a major user of their products and as an industry partner - we poured our money into them. Not so anymore - completely unprofessional. We don’t expect or ask for special treatment because of our history, just basic good service and support. Professional? Not like any professional I have ever worked with, or under, or as a boss or as a colleague. Pathetic. 3 days - what a JOY !! Yes I know the wait can be frustrating, especially where time zones and other things are involved, and time is money, but please understand that 3 days, in the current ubiquitous climate of user pays, user beta tests, user problem solves and sometimes user fixes, 3 days from Steinberg is epic-ly good relative to other companies. My rant is not directed at you or anyone on this board, the comment was simply a trigger for my rant.

@ Mattinay: Yeah, bro! I’ll +1 that.