Nuendo 6 & ID3 Tags

Hi there!

Does anyone of you knows, if the MediaBay in Nuendo can read ID3tags of an MP3…

Before I switched to Nuendo, I managed all my libraries in Itunes. Also the tracks of my composer with whom I work with. For better managing the tracks I made ​​notes in the “Comment” box.

It will be so cool, if these tags would be able to read in the MediaBay, to no longer have to work in parallel with Itunes.

Someone an idea?

1000 thanks and happy holidays to all

No idea at all with MP3 (I try to avoid them) but I do know that if you try to import a FLAC file with tags, you get an “invalid or unsupported media” error.
I shall try a tagged MP3 and let you know tomorrow though.

I was checking this out – in Cubase anyway, MediaBay does not see ID3 tags. It would be a really nice addition if it did. (Though perhaps Nuendo has higher powers!)