Nuendo 6 - Impressive

So far this has been the best NEW release of Nuendo I have experienced. (I did miss all the intermediate versions up until 6.0.3. :blush: )

The upgrade from 5.5 was painless - I started some projects the day before I upgraded and they worked fine. I didn’t have to trash prefs - I didn’t have to build new templates - I didn’t have to reset up my Control room I/O - I didn’t have to read the Ops manual.

It took me an hour or so to sort out the new mixer - I did have to cheat and search the forums for “Save Selected Channel(s)” - seems like that should be in the Ops Manual. That and Meter Colors being moved in the Prefs dialog :open_mouth: - I think sometimes these things are moved around just to see who is paying attention.

Other than that - smooth upgrade. Very impressive version.

I’m sure I’ll run into something at some point, but out of the gate, it works very well. Great job Steinberg.

Good to read something positive for once!
Something I just noticed is the enormous difference in importing OMF archives in the new version.
Same OMF file opened in about a quarter of the time it took in 5.5.5 - no idea why though.

I do agree with bullmoon!.
Excellent update/ should say upgrade.
It is made for using with a control surface IMHO. It flyes with Euphonix. The integration seems even deeper than previous releases.
I’m still having 15 days to test but so far it is stable, didn’t have a single crash :open_mouth: !. And to be honest I love the new mixer. Maybe because of the Eucon integration.
There a little issues like Eucon commands are not working when Mixer is not in focus, and the biggest deal breaker: Zoom wheel not working in other windows then Project but I’m sure is going to be sorted soon.

Well Done Steinberg. Great stuff!!!


Just got back from hiatus from PT and logic. TBH PT is really good but they are going back to their “use our hardware” philosophy for HD and getting rid of CPTK, so made a switch back to Nuendo.
N6 is very awesome. I’m getting used to the new GUI… spent a lot of time on the colour pallette to make it more like N4 and so far so good…!

Congrats Steiny!


thanks very much for the positive feedback. We are working hard on solving reported issues and making the operation with the new mixer even more convenient.

The next Nuendo maintenance update will be available next month.


Timo! Thanks for the update info!


Yeah, thanks TImo for the news about the ongoing work.

And… Welcome back Bullmoon and Mightymike !

Overall, I’m happy with my Nuendo 6 update as welll. Still, mixer refinement will be more than welcome…

Thanks man! :slight_smile:

yes,indeed nice to see two ‘old’ faces back :slight_smile:


With all of the complaints on the 1st page I felt an obligation to bump this thread. The more I am using N6, the most indispensable I am finding it. I am moving faster now than in N5.5. It is pretty cool and as I’ve said before it seems like there is a genuine responsiveness from the team at Steinberg to the issues that need to be addressed.

Well Done.