Nuendo 6 jerky video

hi guys, i just installed N6 and imported a quicktime vid i used in a 5.5.5 project, the video seems to be jerky on playback of the project, but audio sounds fine.

please advise?

running MAC OSX 10.6.8, 2.8 quad, 16gb ram


First I’d recommend Mountain Lion. Snow Leopard works, but isn’t supported with N6.
There’s tons of driver and os optimizations in ML compared to SL.
N6 use many of those features.

Next, what video format is it?


I’m having the same problem with jerky video in N6 64 bit in my Windows 7 PC. I use PAL DV’s which play fine in N5.5 64bit but are terrible and jerky in N6 64 bit.

My PC is an I7 6 core with 24 GB RAM and the video file plays off a different internal disk than my audio. I’m also using a Blackmagic Intensity Pro card for video output.

Is anyone else on Win 7 having similar video problems with N6 64 bit?

video format is Quicktime movie exported from final cut, 1920x1080 DVCPRO HD (1080i50), linear PCM Timecode
might it be a case of certain codecs needed?
older 4:3 quicktime movies works fine on N6 though , but about a 1second delay on playback

Video playback is a little jerky…plays fine in N5. File is Apple ProRes 422.


we’ll have a look into this.


hi guys, finally got Mountain Lion update downloaded and installed, also updated my Raydat and Blackmagic drivers, and problem seems to be resolved.

thank you for all your posts and help

The same thing here, N6, Win 7 64bit, Matrox Parhelia APVe. But works fine with N5.5. Maybe we should make an ISSUE with this…

Hello Piobanka
I wonder what driver you use for the Parhelia APVe.
I never got it working and received answer from Matrox that this card is simply unable to run under the newer OpenGL. Even the hardware can’t be upgraded. I tried some exotic drivers of other cards without success.
Now, this info could be outdated…Not that it matters, anymore. I replaced the APV with a cheap 50 Euro graphic card. It does the job just as fine and the addition of an Intensity Pro caters for the TV outs…
But still … out of interest…

Big K

Yes, the videocard should support openGL,a dn AFAIK no Matrox card does this properly.


Same problem here with Win7 and Intensity Pro. It comes and goes and is not consistent. Looks like a 15 fps playback and if I stop and start it’s fine again.

What version of Nuendo 6 are U running?
What version of QT?
And what version of BMD drivers?

Video was improved in N6.03.


Ok, I’m still on 6.02. :wink:

I’ll check with the latest.