Nuendo 6 + loudness metering + game audio

Hi there -

Most of my work is in post for film and broadcast, so naturally I’m loving the integrated loudness metering.

I think Steinberg could really benefit by tapping into sound design for game market. Relatively recently, loudness in games has become a hot topic.

Perhaps a small marketing push to some in that industry might be worthwhile if those avenues have not been tapped yet. I believe loudness in games will be big at AES this year, and the integrated measurement tools/lanes could be seen as a substantial benefit to using Nuendo over other DAWs.

Just a thought. Cheers.


thanks very much for this suggestion. We’re already investigating several possibilities in that direction.


Yeah … I can confirm this from their own experience ;o). The most games are either too loud, too quiet or there are big volume jumps. It’s time to make a standard like for films …

Good to hear Timo - interestingly enough, I know far more folks in game sound that have dabbled with Nuendo and Cubase than in post.

Standards that don’t rule anymore. Loudness war has reached DCP. :frowning:
I’m clad tho that ebu R-128 is coming strongly to European broadcast circles…
Bye / Tumppi

Agreed there is a big opportunity for Nuendo in Game Audio.

I’ve been using it as my preferred DAW for game audio since V4 and have been on a team at a AAA studio where it was in fact the DAW tool of choice. However, at most Game Studios or teams I’ve worked with I’ve been on “Nuendo Island” so to speak…

On the last couple major projects I worked on with Nuendo, quite a few other sound designers were very curious and interested in it and I found myself showing it off quite a bit. Trouble is it’s hard for people that are working pros to get so dissatisfied with their current tools that they’d want to start fresh and learn a new one from scratch.

So I think the biggest things that could help are…

  1. Offer some training / tutorial help to win over some of the bigger production teams. And for goodness sake don’tmake Greg do all of this, he’s busy enough as it is :slight_smile:

  2. Offer a serious crossgrade discount from PT, DP or even Logic. If working professionals wanted Cubase they’d have it already since its the same cost as DP or PT. So, If they are using something else and Steinberg wants to bring them into the Nuendo family then give them a good deal to come aboard. It doesn’t have to be free of course, but give them the incentive to risk jumping ship to Nuendo. Back when I switched PT didn’t allow you to use native hardware and now it does, and that alone seemed to kill off the momentum that I saw building for Nuendo with Game Audio teams. (This is just my view though of course others may have additional viewpoints to share). Offering a good crossgrade deal might help it become an option again for those that are curious.

  3. Realize that nearly all Game Audio Sound Designers will need the NEK and for goodness sake, as much as I love Nuendo, the cost to equip a team or group of contractors with N6 + Nek simply prices itself out of consideration. ( I guess this is just another reason to offer the crossgrade I mentioned above)

  4. Market the heck out of it! No DAW is perfect but I truly enjoy Nuendo and have been thrilled to make my living with it these past years. At this point I’m a loyal user so I’m just hopeful it continues to grow its user base so I don’t ever have to switch apps against my will- Studio Vision Pro or Peak anyone…?