Nuendo 6 news?

Hi Fredo / Timo…
I was wondering when we might have some news about n6…


A lot of (good) news.
Unfortunataly, we are not allowed to share any specific information.
Sorry …


Oh Brother…

Bye / Tumppi

Timo said in another thread that it’s months, not weeks, away yet…

Yes I read it…
I only wished to know when we could have some anticipation about features…

Well there have been some speculations, some confirmed, some not.

To sum things up i think we can kind of hold our breath for:

editing enhancements (remember the questionnaire on this forum?)
R128 / metering enhancements
video engine shows markers (and maybe more like running cursor, tc, punches?)
live recording enhacements (the stuff from nuendo “live” might be in nuendo as well, maybe with yamaha desk and dante network support)

apart from that we are still waiting for important aaf fixes that I hope will arrive before N6

IF they are mega super duper cool they also include:

snapshot automation
clip eq
clip pan
cubase license instead of nek
and let’s not forget:
a magic mode that will automix your sessions to please your own and the client’s expectations


They ability to convert and coalesce volume automation to clip automation and vice versa is something that I use in PT daily. I hope N6 will do this too.

I think we’ll see proper track grouping finally. Think PT for example. Without it N6 is a no-go for me.

I also hope that we’ll see the ability to apply offline-processes to clips and have the plugin remain open instead of automatically closing. Should be a really simple thing to fix and for anyone working with noise reduction plugins like iZotope’s RX it’s a must have feature…

For RX a proper implementation like the Melodyne/Studio One ARA would be cool. Both iZotope and Steinberg would have to adapt this, though. I don’t expect to see this for N6.0x, though.


So Motu has DP 8 coming to windows, for anyone on DP 7, how is the midi in DP compared to Cubendo? I spend more time in midi than Audio these days - Just looking, and looking isn’t cheating right guys? :smiling_imp:

i would love to see a 5 band with individual HP/LP and an air band (40khz) in the channel strip. what say you guys?

air band (40khz)

Since you need an absolute brickwall filter one note higher than 40k when you’re sampling at 96k, and it’s around an octave higher than Nyquist at 44.1 or 48k, what exactly would that band do… that you couldn’t also do with a shelving eq set to a high frequency?

Still hoping for extensive tracklist/keyeditor filtering show hide options,
like in Logic/PT/Studio One/Sonar :unamused:
…formerly promised for Nuendo 5 lifecycle

May 3, 2010 FAQ
2. Is “Hide Unused Tracks” included?
This was of course a long-time feature request and we had a deep look into the details
how this could look like. We’ve not managed to include it in the intial version, but it will
be delivered with an update during the Nuendo 5 product lifecycle.

In case you don´t remember the legendary thread by Thonex from 2007 :open_mouth:

Perhaps SB can give a hint on this? Anything…?

When will we hear some news about N6? September… October?


for Nuendo 6 we’re currently re-writing large parts of the program to refresh the code and to
sort out old code. So the user interface will be very modern and with even more possibilities
to individually configure what you see and what’s hidden. We’re working on the completion of
ADR and Loudness features and will offer new tools for mixing.

“Hide unused tracks” is finally included, as it fits in the total new concept. As I wrote in a
previous statement, it would have generated lots of extra work to do that within Nuendo 5,
so with all the new code in Nuendo 6 we can even do a lot more than just that feature.


Fantastic news, thanks for the info update! Anticipation is growing… :smiley:
Still aiming for a 2012 release? Q3? Q4?

I’m guessing not the third quarter…possibly it’ll be released for the next nuendo inside session…

According SMSM (Steinberg Mystery Marketing Strategy) and @TimoWildenhain uncertain reply (or better eerie) chance to have Nuendo 6 in Q4 is same as result of limit(1/n)n->oo (>infinity&lk=4&num=1) and I think that realistic date exact date is about 1/2 of 2013 :smiley: (My personal bet - I will be happy if I am too pessimistic)

…and this became in another feature request-wishes list thread…