Nuendo 6 or 7 features requests. Post here !

Dear santa claus…

1.non interrupted signal when inserting a plugin

2.independent and freezable treatment per clip editable “in the mix”

3.a layer system compatible with multitrack recording that allows for example to compare several version of a comping without have to duplicate tracks( and plugins resources ) See the layer systems on other daws like samplitude or pro tools.

  1. Like the early nuendo version, the possibility to build proper multispeakers format others than normalized ones.
    It is particulary usefull when u do sound design for non standart installlations in live shows

  2. Improve comping tool ( who is great but very “beta”) with a way to use auto crossfades at the cut points.

6.Stop markers

  1. An easy way to link objects from the cursor to the right for several tracks. Including midi tracks. I know it’s possible to achieve this in crossfade editor but midi tracks dont follow. For faster workflow to havee to do that in the main project window
    Think the case when You have to move and adjust crossfades without modify the relative placement of the followings clips on multiple tracks.Classical musicians will be happy.

  2. Improve GUI for plugins routing. Treatment for each voice of a multiple channel track sould be achieve easily.example : put a special compressor on the lfe channel . I know it is possible but it’s not very clear and it use too much plug in slots. A cool way to achieve that should to create a new plug that integrate vst in a more modular way.

A more clear, less visual FX, less CPU intensive GUI.

More Studio Sends (pretty please)

at least as an option, I have to close my mixer when I mix down in real time to avoid cpu overload errors.