Nuendo 6 pricing announced

Dear forum-members,

Steinberg today announced the offical pricing scheme for Nuendo 6 and all related update/crossgrade paths.
Please find more information here: Nuendo 6 pricing


That’s $330 in US for the N5 upgrade, as of today. Extremely reasonable.

Just over 290 Euro, net, for N6 and NEK.
This is fair price for a great and substantial Upgrade.

Big K

So the update from Nuendo 2 or 3 to Nuendo 6 w/NEK will be 499 EURO which converted to USD is around $650. Well, this is interesting because the upgrade from Nuendo 2 or 3 to Nuendo 5 w/NEK is also $650. So I think I will be placing my Nuendo 5.x w/ NEK from my Nuendo 3 update order very soon!


I’m looking at $461.59 us dollars as of today. (Nuendo 5+Nek>Neundo 6+Nek)
Relatively recent upgrade from Version 2.
Just starting to feel like a Jedi Master in Nuendo 5.5
Nuendo 6 might have to wait a bit…Summertime perhaps.

I’m building a new machine ($1200.00+)
with a new RME 64bit audio interface. ($900.00-$1800.00)

Also, I just picked up the Halion Symphonic Orchestra Sound Set,
plus UA’s EMT140 Plate and the Neve1081 EQ on the super cheap.
Couldn’t pass up the sale they are having.

Thanks Timo. I am missing path From Nuendo 5 to Nuendo 6 with NEK or single NEK Price.



Hello Tomas,

single NEK pricing will be updated very soon. Equal to the current structure, there won’t be a path from Nuendo 5 (without NEK) to Nuendo 6 (with NEK).


Wow…almost 500 bones for me here in Canada (after shipping and other crap) - I am afraid this may be the end of line for me…

Continued success all.


651.75 !!! bA HA HA HA … :imp: NOT!!!

$462.77 to go from the most current version is too much folks. I don’t see the rational for charging more for this upgrade then was charged for previous ones. I believe in the past you made some adjustments for the dollar vs the euro that kept the price in the US to $399. I would strongly suggest that you consider doing so again.

That’s without NEK. With NEK it’s much more and not so reasonable in my view. But then the whole NEK thing itself…aw nevermind :slight_smile:. We’ve been through that time and time again.

At $467 the upgrade to Nuendo is basically the same price as buying the full version of most competitive music software including Cubase. It’s just too much.

So, to update from N5 (no NEK) to N6 (with NEK) one needs to pay the €249 upgrade + €249 NEK = €498?

I am sure that some time ago we were told that the whole NEK concept would disappear? Because it should. I’ve been using Nuendo since version 1, but did not go with the NEK when that part of the program was lopped off.

Now seeing this thread:

"Prices displayed in Euro including 19 % German VAT. Actual prices in your country will vary depending on local VAT and currency. "

And from memory the prices in different region, at least the US is usually $ replacing the Euro amount and not a currency conversion.

Don’t even start me on the NEK.


Regardless - most of us are still staring at $450 minimum (in homeland bucks) to upgrade - which in my opinion is getting a little ridiculous for an “upgrade”.


hmmmm…we shall see of course.
but I am thinking that from history at least in the US
for me from Nuendo 5+Nek to Nuendo 6+Nek
I would be looking at $349US and I suspect for you 349 Canadian…

we shall see…


I can probably live with that :slight_smile:


Not a fan of the whole NEK thing, been with Nuendo since ver 1 and I won’t upgrade this time. I bought ver 1 as an audio operation and have always been PO’d that Steinberg pulled the whole post/Nek thing, with the program I had chosen to use. Been playing with Reaper and it’ll do what I need for way less money, way less hassle and way fewer bugs, and they actually fix bugs in a timely fashion. I’m tired of leapfrogging between Nuendo and Cubase. May still up grade Cubase, I’m not even sure about that. Greatly resent paying extra for features I used to get for free. Take care, Logan

I think we’re all in agreement on the NEK topic. When it turned into a separate entity with a separate charge, I dropped it. If I can justify the extra charge, I’ll pick it up again.

It seems to me that’s there’s no justification for separating it from Nuendo beyond raising revenue. Nothing wrong with raising revenue, but there if it alienates your customers, you might just do more damage to your product’s reputation than good for your balance sheet.

That said, I do look forward to the improvements in Nuendo 6 very much!

I have no need for nek, but a good special on the portico plugs for nuendo users would be very nice.

I love this idea!

But I am 99,99% sure that this never going to happen…