Nuendo 6 pricing announced

Now Nuendo 6 is out. I was right.
$350 upgrade with Nek… not bad at all.



OK then,
$350.00 is much better then what I had calculated above.
Will be purchasing soon…not waiting until summer.

Congrats Steinberg!
Not only for Nuendo 6 but for rising to the top of this field/market.
It finally seems like Nuendo may be able to compete with the bigger boys in the hardware controller
market. The only area where slo-tools had the advantage for all those years.
The more I see of Nuage, the more I am convinced it is a giant step in the right direction.
Just hope I can afford it.

Perhaps you could take a note from the slo-tools controller options though.
They have many controllers at various price ranges.
Nuendo desperately needs to have the same range of
professional controller/audio interface options.

Entry Level: $2,000.00 - $5000.00
Mid Level : $5000.00 - $10,000.00
Full Nuage System: Well Over $10,000.00

Maybe the Nuage system will cover all these categories?
The prices that have been floating around the web seem to indicate that the Nuage
system will only be attractive to post houses in Europe.
Hope not.


Looks like $349.00 CDN when I walk right thru the shop wizard…sounds good.


I am sure I used to get update emails about new Nuendo versions… but not this time. Where is it recommended we purchase - Steinberg Website or UK distributor?

Also, a couple of questions:

  1. Some prices on the Steinberg website are quoted with 20% (UK) VAT, others with 19% (German). Are the various figures correct? I assume that the shop will allow VAT to be deducted where appropriate, at the correct rate?

  2. I have been using Nuendo, and paying for upgrades, since version 1. But when the NEK was split off, I dropped it. I’d quite like to reinstate it… Upgrade from N5 to N6 is £233 inc 20% VAT; NEK is 203 inc 19% VAT (according to the webshop). That’s £436 total. But Upgrade N2 or N3 to N6 + NEK is £407 inc 19% VAT. That’s a bit less. Can I do that from N5? Seems an odd pricing structure, whatever…



Can someone from Steinberg tell me why it’s cheaper to upgrade to Nuendo 6 + NEK from Nuendo 2/3 (CAD 499) than from Nuendo 4 (CAD 399 + CAD 249.99) ?
This seems like a reasonable question as from the outside there seems to be no logical reason.

Agreed. Makes no sense to me.


I am assuming the person who started this thread is the right one to ask (Timo Wildenhain - Product Marketing Manager Nuendo - WaveLab - VST plug-ins ).

Sometimes it seems you have to work in a post production studio in Belgium to become part of Nuendo’s target market :wink:

Anyway, I’m also assuming that there will be a revision in the upgrade prices as they do not seem particularly well thought out.

Please can we have a response to this.

a fairly deafening silence. :wink:

It would be nice to have some kind of response to this, even if it’s that you are going to stay with this upgrade pricing structure.

It’s not the SB way.

it may not be the SB way but it certainly pi$$es off this user that they can’t reply.
Why on earth would I be expected to pay more to upgrade from version 4 than version 2?

A simple question that once again I “assumed” this higher pricing was a mistake.
No reply and no change in pricing leads me to believe it will remain in place.

Incidentally, it’s not about the money for me, just the lack of respect shown to customers.
If Nuendo were the only game in town you would be more likely to get away with it.
But there is plenty of competition these days.

I have owned 2 copies of Nuendo since version 1 (and cubase from atari days) but moved to a different DAW after the debacle called 5 with the NEK money grab.

Just thought it might be time to get back on board but seems like the culture hasn’t changed here.
Great product (by the end of the cycle), $hit support is the mantra I receive from others and continue to spread.

No big deal, there are other companies seemingly more interested in keeping their customers.
I’ll check back when things have changed a little more :slight_smile:

p.s pro tools 11 looks very cool for those that might be interested :mrgreen:

It is disappointing, and surely deserving of comment - especially as some of the quoted VAT rates are still incorrect.



Mark, you can buy anywhere you want. Either through our online shop or a local retail store.
Could you give me an example for the different VAT rates in our shop? Maybe this happened from different computers and the geo targeting was wrong when the German VAT was shown.

If you want to have our newsletter, you can subscribe to it in your MySteinberg account. Currently, you are not subscribed.

That’s the answer?
You guys must really hate your jobs or your customers. Or maybe both.

Thanks, Ed. As far as the VAT is concerned, it appears that I (in the UK) am seeing 20% VAT on boxed product and 19% on downloads. This may be due to VAT regulations (downloads charged on the rate from where the data is uploaded, physical product as import tax?). Could you please confirm?

Also, could you please comment on the fact that it appears to be cheaper to update from Nuendo 2 or 3 to (N6 + NEK), than it is from N5 to (N6 + NEK)?



well Mark, unless you got a pm, we see politeness doesn’t get any better results than rudeness :wink:

Still waiting, still wondering, still baffled by Steinberg’s need to turn paying customers into the enemy.

No PM. Still confused. And rather disappointed.


why is this official response by EdDoll now just a guest post?
Has he left Steinberg?