Nuendo 6 project won't load in 6.5

Most projects are fine, but now and again the load up of an old project will not get any further than “loading FX11” channel. A ah you say, it must be the plugin on channel FX 11 - but I have no plugin on FX 11, it’s an empty slot.

Any thoughts?

It’s getting worse now, I can’t get a new template (setup in N6) to load without crash - all my plugins are kosher and paid for!

I don’t know if this will help but I had to make sure that all of the plugin directories from N6 were made the same in N6.5. Devices/Plugin Information then paths.


Brilliant, nice one Dean, I’ll try it out ASAP.

Do I re-set the paths again or just make sure they are already set to the right path?

There is an option for choosing the plugin folder location. Make a note of which was folders are used in the previous version(devices/plugin information then look at paths) and direct 6.5 to all of the same folders. I hope this is the solution for you.


OK I think I’ve found the problem

N6.5 doesn’t like the Abbey Road plugins (especially the TG Liniter)

It quits evert time I try to update my Plugin information or load the TG Limiter - which is a bit annoying and MOST of my old Nuendo 6 songs use it as a parallel drum buss. So I guess it’s back to Nuendo 6 for me. Sometimes updates are really annoying - and expensive when you can’t use them!

Can someone else try this please?