Nuendo 6 sends are not numbered?

Seems that in both the inspector view and the mix console sends no longer have a number next to them in the GUI? But when you add automation lanes the sends are still listed by number not by name. So when you want to add an automation lane for, for instance, send 6…you can’t glance over at the mix console and easily see which send is #6. Am I missing something? Be nice to either have the automation lanes listed by name or simply have a small number next to each send that says which number it is…like in previous versions.

Yes and inserts as well. Thats is very annoying.

Why on earth would they take that out?!!?

Yes, that’s strange…

The other possiblity would be to name the sends in the automatation like the (plugin-)names in the channel. But definitely SB should change it.

Euh … what am I missing?
The sends are all named after the effect/output/whatever they are assigned to.
So, instead of seeing “1”, you now see “FX1 - Delay”.
I don’t see the advantage of only seeing a meaningless number …


But in the automation you see e.g. “send 1 level” etc. So you have to look, what effect is assignd to send 1.

Hmmmm, how is this different from the displaying of automation sends in N5.x?


In N5 the sends in the channel where numbered 1,2,… so you had a send like e.g. FX1 - Delay = send 1. In the automation window you also had send 1. So you only had to memorize send 1 = delay. But now, when it is so that you see the first send and you have to associate this with a number. This is no problem if you have a few number of effects in the channel. But when you have many effects you always have to count which one has what number. When you have e.g. 8 effect sends used it is more time conuming to count which effect has which number. As I stated before it would also be a good idea to name the sends in the automation like in the channel.

Understood, and FWIW I agree with the feature request 100% - but as Fredo said, “how is this any different to earlier versions”?
If I look at the automation options, it’s the same to me as it was before - I still have to remember what FX is on what channel - and to use your example of 8 connected FX sends, why not use the “automatically connect” preference?

If you mean “open automation track” in the channel view, I’m using this option. But you always have to go to the channel to make this. If you are in the track-list to e.g. add an automation-track you cannot do this and this is the problem.

The best soulution would be the naming in the automation menu. So that the names of the effects appear there.

Nope - I did not mean this at all. I was referring to the preference for “Connect Sends automatically for each newly created channel” in Preferences>VST.

I am still not sure I understand the problem referred to though - everything is clearly named already.
See attached screengrab…or am I missing something?

Okay - sorry for the stupidity on my part, and I see where you refer to.
All you see is the single number 1-8 and nothing more than this when creating an automation track for a send.
It’s still no different to earlier versions though - I just checked in 5.5 and it still gives you a simple list of 1-8 with no names.

But the difference to N5 is, that in the channel the (effect-)sends are also numbered. This is not ideal, but better than different naming schemes in the channel and the automation.

Sorry, I still do not understand then.
See screenshot - it is the same as N5, and when I go to set up an automation to a send, it is numbered 1-8 in the automation setup “Add Parameter” - exactly the same as N5.
The channel editor send says FX-1, so I cannot see the problem.
send numbering.png

Adding automation lanes is the same as its always been. What’s different is that in both the inspector (arrange page) and in the mixer there are no numbers next to the sends. When you have a row of 7 sends and your searching to add an automation lane for, for instance, send 6 which has no reference in the GUI to the #6 it’s confusing. I have to go and count down from the top to see which send I’m trying to add automation. It’s inconsistent…either the automation lanes should reflect the names of the actual send (rather than have numbers) or just give us back the little numbers next to the send sliders so we have an easy reference for which send is which.

Also…alt clicking on the slider used to put the send at 0. That doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Just looked at your picture. Nuendo auto numbers fx as you add them just like it does when you add audio tracks. That is just part of that sends name…and you can change it. That’s not what we’re talking about. For instance…put that same send in the second send slot. It will still say “fx1…” even though its sitting in the second send slot. In previous versions of nuendo there was a number next to the name of the send.

FX-1 will always be the first FX Channel created. What else could it be?
Looking at the Mixer, if I am in the Sends rack, I still see “FX-1”, “FX-2” etc.
Likewise from the Inspector - please see both screenshots below.

So I am sorry but I still do not see the problem here. Sure, naming the effect would be good so why not do it - all still works just fine from all locations. See below again

I would upload more but 3 is the limit, it seems.

Also, the whole default send level issue? It’s a preference.
Preferences > VST > Default Send Level (0dB, -6dB, -12dB, infinity)

oy veh… this is getting needlessly complicated. we are comparing apples and oranges here. i’m gonna attempt to link a jpg… not sure how to do this.

hopefully that’s the inspector in nuendo 5.5. notice the s1,s2,s3 etc. each send slot is numbered. so i have fx-1 in slot 3. when i go to add an automation lane the reference is to the the slot number not the name of the send… does that make sense?

here is nuendo 6

the send slots are no longer numbered. so when you go to add an automation lane there is no easy way to see which send you are adding automation for. on a complicated mix with over a hundred tracks and many many sends… it get’s pretty complicated. the slot numbering made it much easier.

also… yes… i know about the pref for the default send amount. what i am talking about is… in previous versions… you could ctrl + click on the send slider and it would go to zero. just like ctrl + clicking on a fader puts the fader at zero. don’t know why this was taken away.

btw… here’s another example in a session.

look at the track “copy of libs”

how do i easily glance over and know which send is “sends6” or “sends 3” or “sends5”. in nuendo 6 i constantly have to go and count down from the top of the send slots to tell which is which.