Nuendo 6 Trial

Hey guys,

I urgently need a Nuendo 6 Windows Trial installer for a compatibility check for an upcoming project. I lost the package that came with the license and now the downloads aren’t available anymore as 6.5 came out. Does anyone know where I can get the 6.0 installer?

Thank you so much!

Hi Jim,

I have send you a PM.


Hello. I have the same request. Where can I get the Nuendo 6.0 installer?

Is correct to make customers suffer to find a download like that ?!!!
Where i can find the link please
Un entire day i have search

I bought Nuendo on eBay. I have the license for Nuendo 6, but the install disk is for Nuendo 5. The official download server has only the version up to Nuendo 4 only. I’m currently using Nuendo 6 license with Nuendo 5 install disk. Where can I get an install disk for Nuendo 6?

I am the owner of the license and I can provide more info if needed.


We’ve requested this before: Why can’t you just have previous versions available for download online? How can that added convenience for users possibly hurt you?

I found the Nuendo 6 full version install disk link on the forum back from 2013. It’s both for Mac and Windows:

Too sad you can’t download it from official page of Nuendo.

Posting on this thread as I need to test something using the Nuendo 6 trial - can anyone help find a download?