Nuendo 6 Update

I have finally got around to installing the N6 update. Having spent a few days with it, I am going back to 5.5 for the time being.

Mainly - the new mixer. I really detest hover-buttons. They slow you down - you have to hunt around for them and they take a little while to appear. In that time I could have clicked loads of visible buttons and got the job done - and had a proper visual overview while I am doing it.

And where have all the buttons gone anyway? Suddenly tweaks which took a few seconds take an age. It’s slowing me down.

There’s is a comparison image of old and new mixer been posted on here, and boy does it illustrate the problem.

Why, oh why, do software manufacturers develop tools around which we build businesses and workflows, then pull the rug? Surely this cannot be classed as “development”…?




I can’t agree more, but first I want a reliable release, the current one is not stable enough too me.
As far as I remember as a Nuendo user since day one, odd Nuendo releases (1.x, 3.x, 5.x) are (were) more stable and reliable than releases 2.x, 4.x, and up to now 6.x !
History seems to repeat itself.
I will wait for further N6 updates and stay for a while with N5.5 before switching the new one into production in front of a customer.

Design changes of the mixer GUI is another story… To be honnest, I hate it now, but have to admit that I need more time to digest this major change. For sure it will force me to change my workflow.