Nuendo 6 upgrade cost

I could not find where this was mentioned.

What will the cost be for upgrading from N5 to N6?


I was wondering as well. C7 upgrades were mentioned on the announcement board, but nothing on Nuendo.

It would be nice to know upgrade pricing from 5.x and earlier versions as well.

+1 Yes! I need to know how many pennies I have to save from now until the magic hour!



Steinberg, could you please shed some light on the cost of this glorious update, including Nek?


I am interested too. It will be fine to adjust our budgets.


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I am considering moving to C7 for both of my workstations vs. upgrading to N6 + paying for NEK - on one of them…

So would like to know the cost by December 5th as price is one of a few factors in my decision.

Thx Much :sunglasses:

Is it possible…they don’t yet have their costs set?

I maybe considering the same.

Also would like to know what the cost will be to upgrade N4 to N6 with NEK?

I need the price fro the upgrade from N4 to N6. :question:

My bet: Cost from N4 to N5 is less then N4 to N6 will be.
So I’d buy N5 now and get N6 for free because SB offers N6 for free to new N5 users…

Bye / Tumppi

Exactly. My 4 to 5 upgrade just got delivered :wink:

Mine, too, about a week ago. And the messed up thing here is, 5.5 is so cool an upgrade (except for that heinous diagonal line graphic mess on overlapping parts) that I might almost be sorry to see it go. Man, I should have got it earlier on the basis of batch exports alone.


Heheh, …told ya …

The best way to get SB to answer somewhat sooner to what it’s gonna cost is to
spread a totally wrong and baseless rumour about the price.

And so I have it from an usually absolutely unreliable source that the upgrade costs
will be about 699 Euro plus Tax and a handling fee of 25 bucks, DownUnder twice as much!!

Big K

Timo. Please. Pricing policy for N6… We need to adjust our budgets.



I doubt very much that the upgrade pricing will be very different from today. However, I have no hard evidence to back my opinion.
If they suddenly charge a lot more for upgrades, then it will be a first.
Since they aren’t doing a new different pricing with C7, I doubt it for N6 as well.