Nuendo 6 US version

I’m planning a 2nd N6 workstation.
I seem to remember that one of the forum members brought an US version for outside of USA
So. What is the final verdict. is it save to buy from US/Ebay and authorize it in Namibia?.
I’m going to upgrade to NEK asap, will it work?.

Thank you in advance

P,S I’m going to ask South Africa for a quote, but it is going to be 1/3 more, I’m sure LOL

A little update.
So after struggling to get a definitive answer (thx Fredo for replying :smiley: ), since nobody, including Steinberg Germany ( the lady on the phone new more then anybody, by the way) and failing to reach Yamaha Germany I got N6 from my South Africa supplier.
Big thumbs up for Dobie and the Turnkey SA team to cut on the price to accommodate double VAT between Namibia and South Africa !!!
Money transferred, awaiting another N6 :slight_smile: