Nuendo 6 Video Problem

Dear All,

I would like to know why when I open video player in Nuendo 6, my entire project gets stuck, especially when I use any analyze or Meter plug-ins, after I press F8 for video player, my project freezes and I can’t work. I have tried using Z68 built-in display and ASUS HD7750 Video card, but have the same results. Does anyone know how I can solve this problem? I would really like to know because it is very sad when I bought Nuendo 6 and I still keep using Nuendo 5. My work computer is i5-2400/ASUS P8Z68/ 8G DDR3 ram/ RME 9632. I have NEVER had any problem with Nudeno 5.


thanks for your report. Did you already check if you run the latest QuickTime version?


Huge problem here with video player, Nuendo 6.0.5 ( 32 or 64 bit ), laptop I7 - 16bg ram - ssd - HD4000 ( latest drivers ), quicktime at the last version, windows 7 64 bit. The whole project is awfully slow when working on a video .
I’ ve tried tons of configurations with windows, drivers, Nuendo, quicktime encoder…
Never had this problem with Nuendo 4 or 5. Nuendo 4 is faster on an 7 years old laptop ( old hd, 2gb ram ) than Nuendo 6 on a 6 month old laptop :confused:

Check the compression of the video. I´ve found that if video is very compressed it slows Nuendo down alot.
Also codec is important. ProRes 422 is good choice for me.

Bye / Tumppi

Try using an older version of Quicktime - 7.2.x or perhaps 7.1.x. (I’ll check what version I have tomorrow.) Uninstall before reinstalling. You may even want to try uninstalling and reinstalling whatever version you have (7.7.4?).

As Tumppi suggested, codec also makes a difference. PJpeg is typically best, but I have no problems with H264 / MP4 for shorter lengths.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I find a perfect solution , I replaced the Nuendo 6 VideoEngine with the Nuendo 5.5 VideoEngine .
No more problem with the quictkimes and no more slow Nuendo too.
Nuendo 6 is at last very fast


Hi, same kind of problem for me here :

@JamesF : when you say “replace N6 Videoengine with N5.5 videoengine”, you mean copying the videoengine DLL from N5.5 to N6 or just working with N5.5 instead of N6 ?


Hello Yannick

I’ m working with Nuendo 6.0.5 with the video Engine from the 5.5 directory. I erased the video engine of the 6 , it was completly unreliable. And yes I took dll and files called video engine from the 5.5 directory.

Thanks James, I’ll try that !


Thanks to the help of James F, I have resolved this issue and the Nuendo 6 that I bought half a year ago can finally work smoothly. I am actually surprised that no other post production engineers have raised this question. Perhaps this is because this problem does not exist on Mac and not a lot of studios uses Nuendo 6 on PCs. However, since Nuendo 6 is for post-production, I still believe Steinberg should recognize this issue and do some further testing.

Or maybe it is that not so many experience this. I´m using both PC and Mac and the only time I had problems with viedo engine was when I uprgaded my old laptop from xp to win7. Then there was a video driver issue but other than that video has always worked like a charm for me when using correct codecs both on mac and windows.

Bye / Tumppi

I’m still running the demo, waiting for my real copy, and have noticed my machine doesn’t like the new video engine.
It seems to clash with sorronson squeeze. I started a project in N6.06 and it kept freezing and became unusable sluggish until I rebooted. I had to go back to N4 and restart the project. Does anyone have an N5.5 videoengine DLL for me.

I found the problem. I switched off the ASIO GARD and Steinberg’s power scheme settings. All working fine.

Hi all, I tried to copy the videoengine.dll from N5.5 and it’s a no-go for me, N6 will not recognize any file from there “unsupported or unvalid file”, I looked at Asio Guard but it’s already disabled here.
What i just found out is that if I select Aspect Ratio -> None, i can actually play a video (in this case it’s a .mov H.264 25 fps 1920x1080).
As soon as I select Aspect Ratio -> Internal OR External, N6 Crashes immediately…

Have you tried a different codec, say photojpeg at 75%?

You can try to copy these 4 from n5.