NUENDO 6 w/NEK Activation Problems

A few issues I am having trying to register NUENDO 6 w/NEK

Problem 1.

I just bought the NUENDO 6 upgrade in the US through from an Amazon store.

The Amazon item description stated that it was an upgrade for NUENDO 5 to NUENDO 6 with te NEK included.

When I installed it, the DVDs had both the N6 and NEK software on it and I installed both.

The box included 2 activation code pages.

The first page had the N6 activation code.

The second page had 4 trial activation codes and one Pro sound promo code.

Neither page had the NEK code.

I contacted the Amazon seller store and they told me that I would recieve the NEK activation code 24 hrs after registering N6.

The N6 docs say that the NEK code is supposed to be in the box, like N5 was when I purchased that upgrade when it came out.

Who is right and how do I get my NEK code?

Please help.


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