Nuendo 6 wallpaper :)

Hi dears.
I know that most of you looking into the n6 workflow and features, but:
where is nuendo 6 wallpaper? :slight_smile:
It’s a steinberg tradition to post new wallpaper after release. I just want to change my current stuff haha.

I agree! This is a showstopper, needs bugfix asap

OMG, …

I can’t work without it!
Please, produce a great WP, a.s.a.p.!

Big K

I hope they will provide some wallpapers at different screen resolutions. I have monitors with a non common resolution and I don’t want to upgrade. Please don’t discontinue support for 1280X1024 screens.

“Habemus Nuendo 6.02 build 2107” would be a great slogan for mine.

Thanks for listening.

I guess this wallpaper will have an interactive tab where we can choose whether we want to read “Nuendo” or “6”