Nuendo 64 system usage MUCH higher than 32

To this day I cannot figure out why all my projects are unplayable in Nuendo 64. Looking at the VST Performance meter it shows that N64 uses twice as much resources than N32!
It seems to be mostly a plugin issue. If I disable Guitar Rig 5 and PSP VW, the usage goes way down.

Any suggestions (other than “Do Not Use Those Plugins”)?


use the 64 bit versions of those plugins.
Seem to be a bridge-issue.

I did more experimenting. Even disabling all the plugins, N64 uses considerably more resources than N32?!?

I am not a computer geek, but some guy once tired to explain to me that this is always the case with 64 bit versions. Not only can they handle more memory, they also need more.


On my system this is definetly not the case.

Good to hear!

I often open sessions coming from 32bit Nuendo in 64 bit and vice versa.

In 64bit I usually have a little LESS CPU usage but for some reason a little more UAD DSP load. Maybe because I am using a super old 6.1 version bitbridged via jBridge.