Nuendo 7.0.30 installer issue (Mac only)


unfortunately, we have made a mistake when uploading the new 7.0.30 installer (Mac only).
Instead of releasing the 7.0.30 update installer, on Mac we have uploaded the 7.0.20 basic

Please check the version number of your installation and please download the installer again
in case you have downloaded the 7.0.20. The 7.0.30 installer is now uploaded correctly.

We formally apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Got it, thanks so much.

What about the Trial-Installer? I downloaded this last week, installed it right now, it asked me to search for updates (there was one), I made the update. Now I need a activation code, which I didn’t get via email. I thought, this is within the installation of this tiral version?
What do I have to do now?


PS: elicenser was pluged in correctly