Nuendo 7.0.35 released

Dear forum members,

Steinberg releases today Nuendo 7.0.35, a new maintenance update for Nuendo 7.

This update resolves some issues in different areas of the application, focusing mainly on improvements in the VCA faders and automation implementation, as well as assuring full compatibility with Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

A detailled Version History as well as the download installers are available here:
Nuendo 7.0.35 installer and Version History

For Mac users only: Please note that if you also own the NEK 7, you will need to download and install the Groove Agent SE 4.2.20 Update separately (also available on the Nuendo 7 download page). This doesn’t apply to Windows users!

Thank you for choosing Nuendo!

All the best

Nice, very snappy & positive on this El Cap. Dual screen windows configs also working v.well.

Season’s greetings & thanks again.

OSX 10.11.2, MacPro 5,1 12 core 3.33Ghz, 48GB, Nvidia GTX980. UAD quad, Apollo. LG 34UM95 & 4k Samsung U28E850

Is Nuendo 6.5.40 also supported? I can’t find any info on this.

I noticed that VST connect SE 3.0.3 is still not supported on El Cap. Anyone having luck with making this work?

Same Question here: As I notice all my sofware is compatible now - but not VST CONNECT PRO and SE. When will it be possible to update to EL CAPITAN ? Thanks for every answer.

Since the upgrade, N7 is crashing like crazy on me - running Windows 7 here. Half the time I can’t get the program to start up; it will run through the usual startup process, then crash when it gets to the end. Anyone else experiencing this?

so the problem is related to Nuendo Plug-In Set.vst3 - crash dumps report so and if i remove that file i can start up nuendo and open a session. i’ve searched these forums and found other folks with similar issues with this file both in Nuendo and Cubase. i use the built-in plugins incessantly, so removing this file isn’t a viable solution. any ideas?

Quite unbelievable really, but here’s what I’ve seen…

When marketing Nuendo:

“the majority of features and capabilities newly available in Nuendo 7 are made for audio post production. This includes the whole re-conforming solution, VCA support…”

"any feature you find in Nuendo has been tested in real-world studio environments before being released. "

in the release notes:

B-13643 VCA: Automation is no longer written incorrectly for tracks connected to a VCA Fader."


Here’s the BUG again:

Hey Timo: Why did you guys let this one slide and not make a note in the release notes?

Do you realize that if someone encounters this bug with for example a music track mixed by someone else that peaks at 0dBFS they could end up with a burst of audio at +12dBFS? You know what that can do to the speakers - not to mention a person’s ears!?


Perhaps I’m due for a new ban for bringing this up again, eh?