Nuendo 7.0.40 Update released

Dear forum members,

Steinberg releases today Nuendo 7.0.40, a new maintenance update for Nuendo 7.

This version features improved Hover Control design and VCA operation and resolves over 60 issues throughout the application.

A detailled Version History as well as the download installers are available here:
Nuendo 7.0.40 installer and Version History

Thank you for choosing Nuendo!

All the best

Thanks for slipping in the hover feature. The click targets before were horrible, now it’s much more responsive and easier to click. Or you just display the click targets inline in the mixer. This cost me so many nerves. Thanks for not waiting for 7.5 for that!

The update log also says there were improvements in the remote connectivity. “Opening MixConsole via remote now works as expected.” What remote is that? The iC Pro app on iPad? Does it work with Nuendo? Or are there other remote apps from Steinberg for tablets? Or are those hardware control surfaces in general?

Hi Chris,

this issue refers to one hardware controller in particular, that in certain circumstances crashed Nuendo/Cubase when remotely opening the MixConsole. Since the crash happened in the sequenzer and not in the “adapter”, there was the risk that other remote controllers could also lead to instability when opening the Mixer, but that won’t an issue in this version.

Hope this helps!

Looking forward to testing this.

After my next mix today/tomorrow I’ll install and check… thoroughly :wink:

Audio Mixdown to SoundCloud now works well. Thanks Steinberg!

Thank you.

I think the update is wonderful overall.

In the release notes it says “You can now decide if control handles will appear when hovering over the slots” - how do you adjust this preference? Personally I REALLY DISLIKE that the name of the TRACK disappears when you hover over it - I think it’s pretty obvious that double clicking the name of the track will rename it and dragging will allow you to copy settings.

I also PERSONALLY feel like the names of the plugins shouldn’t disappear when you hover over them as well - I like the other updates to the control handles, but I don’t like that the plugin name disappears.

+1 on the hovering issues where track name, insert name etc disappear. I also don’t like that it now requires a modifier + click to enable a de-activated plug-in - previously this was just a single click. There’s a lot in there which hasn’t changed for the better.

In the mixer, when you hover over a plug-in, right click -> Show Insert as -> Plug-in Names & Insert Controls. Then the plug-in will need double the hight, but you’ll always see the controls and plug-in name. I guess it is this what you seek?

I don’t think you can adjust this for track names. They always disappear when hovering over it.

It’s not at all obvious to me that dragging will allow copying settings. I’ve never done that so it literally never occurred to me. II do however completely agree that the names should remain. I think it’s totally unnecessary for them to disappear. Showing the track type symbol seems a bit redundant is we assume that a lot of people actually color-code their tracks one way or another. I personally have fader caps set according to channel type, and I also label channels according to function (lower caps = audio, all caps = groups/outputs, etc), so I have zero need for an automating icon appearing to tell me what type of track I’m looking at.

Actually, I think another way of looking at it is this: If I need to see what track type it is it’s probably fair to say that I don’t know what track it is either, whereas I probably name my tracks and know what that name means. So if I see my track and it says “dialog 1” then I know it’s an audio track. But if I see an audio track symbol I have no idea which track it is. So the previous behavior was more logical default in my opinion.

Here I disagree. I think there’s a problem. We need some access to some functions on those inserts, and we want the names. With the limited amount of space there is it’s a problem fitting both. Right now if I toggle to show both name and controls I hate how much space it takes up, so if I had to choose between either name only or switching to controls when I hover over it then I prefer the latter.

Having a modifier key doesn’t bother me that much. But then again I don’t activate/deactivate inserts that often.

I import templates with inactive plugins so that one is a huge workflow killer for me.

May I ask why you’ve chosen to leave them inactive? I mean… I’m asking… :slight_smile:

Sure - I have templates set up for mix which contain possible plug-in chains. I can simply enable what I need and be in the ballpark very quickly. Prior to this update I could have one hand on the mouse and another on the control surface but now I require one hand on the mouse and the other on the keyboard.

I understand. But why not just bypass them instead of deactivating them?

They take up CPU/resources when activated and bypassed.

Not for me. I just tested with iZotope Dialog Denoiser since it’s CPU heavy, and it only consumes CPU when signal is flowing through it. So if it’s bypassed or on a track where audio isn’t flowing through inserts it takes up virtually no resources.

Are you sure it’s not the same for you?

100% sure and regardless, it’s a step backwards in workflow requiring a modifier when none was required before. There’s also the issue with some VST3 plugs not providing host bypass so “bypassing” on the mixer does nothing. Bypass also appears to work when the plugins are off with no indication this is happening.

I’m rolling back.

Well, all I can say is that iZotope’s plugins are 100% NOT using resources when bypassed. I suppose either you’ll just have to check again in case you didn’t just do that, or it’s plugin-dependent.

Somewhat. But it’s a step forward not having the crappy hover-design in earlier versions.

Ok. I don’t think I have any of those.

I don’t understand that at all. Surely bypass and “off” would do about the same thing, no?

Seems a bit drastic…

No need to quote every sentence. Not everyone uses the preference to suspend VST3 processing when signal isn’t present nor are all plugins VST3 compatible so they do use resources when bypassed versus de-activated. Another reason “bypass” wouldn’t work versus inactive is when you use the global insert bypass to check before/after with plug-in chains.

VST3 plugins require the dev to implement a host bypass button and not all of them do unfortunately. Try deactivating a plugin and then clicking the “on/off”. Previously a single click would turn the plugin on and then subsequent clicks would bypass. Now you can click and it will change bypass status (no indication of this) and you have to modifier click to turn on. The visual indication you see on the mixer is different to the visual indication in the channel editor so have both open and you’ll see what I mean.

The hovering has just been switched around and personally I think it’s worse as now I can’t see plugin or track names when hovering. Sends also take up 2x as much vertical screen real-estate which is a backwards step.

The new changes are slowing down my workflow and if it’s now getting in the way of getting to the end goal then it’s not worth the update.