Nuendo 7.0.40 Update released

I know there’s no need. I just felt like it.

Fair enough. Good points.

@Likelystory - the VST3 issue is a plugin issue, not a Nuendo Issue. I’ve dealt with this on some Brainworx / Plugin Alliance plugins, and it’s definitely not Steinberg’s fault. I’ve got a few VST3 plugins that have this issue. I agree with all of your points, and I do miss the old bypass-deactivate setup as well, as opposed to the modifier.

I also don’t like that the “sends” section now takes up double the room on the MixConsole racks. I hate to say it but I might roll back as well - I can’t decide. The disappearing names and the cluttered send section really are messing with me. I have also been getting some crashing that I never experienced before this…very strange. Had some sessions just close on me without warning, and it’s happened three or four times in the last 3 days. No good.

Maybe Steinberg could come out with a third option when you right click an insert or send slot - something like “Compact view” or whatever that is more like the old version. But also, seriously don’t hide the track names, insert names, or send names…that’s a weird change.

There were a lot of features that were on Nuendo 5’s mixer that need to make their way back to N7. I agree that the deactivate and bypass functions should be there with a single click. All of this looked clean back in the day. All of a sudden, fonts changed, buttons got bigger, and ease-of-access features disappeared on the mix console and channel windows.

I mean, remember when you could just look at the small mixer and still be able to deactivate and bypass plugins and eq? This was a nice feature. Perhaps, they can bring this back as you resize the mixer, much like how buttons appear when you enlarge the track list in the project window.

Either way, keep up the good work Steinberg.

Completely agree. One step forward, 2 steps back…

ive been away from these forums for at least 5 years…happy to see some of the OGs…anyways, I digress. heres my question…(and im only asking cause i havent heard back from steinberg in a few days and ive asked a few times)

I’m back with N3 and i never upgraded. ive used N7 trial and im blown away and now i want it…
1)How do I upgrade from N3? it only starts at N4+NEK to N7+NEK
note* I now cant even load N3 because my new computer is W10/64bit
2) once N7 is installed, Is there a way to salvage some of my 24bit plug ins?
3)Is there a crossgrade to the old Hypersonic? If so, why dont i see one and yet i purchased groove agent 2, years ago but i dont see it in my license but i see hypersonic 2 and halion 2???

Every since updating I haven’t been able to edit links and assign the link to my created 8 bank of VCA’s… any body else having this issue?

What do you mean by “assign the link”? I assign tracks to a VCA, not links.

I Have Generic Remotes set up in my template so I have 8 groups and 8 vca’s… when I’m finished mixing I usual several channels together then I edit the linked channels and route them to the individual vca’s… It won’t let me do that anymore.

I think you should start a different thread specifically about your issue. From the top of my head it reminds me of an issue another user had where VCA setups in previous versions of Nuendo wouldn’t operate properly in the latest version. So my suggestion for right now would be to redo the templates in 7.0.40 (if you haven’t already) and try again. In other words; don’t expect it all to work when mixing older projects with the latest version of Nuendo.

The “template” is just the generic remote. It’s something to do with Nuendo because in cubase 8.5 I can still open the edit link and select which VCA channel I want to use.

That is the issue I found.

According to Timo it will be fixed in a free maintenance update before the end of this month.

Here’s hoping,