Nuendo 7 Anymix Pro not working

Hey guys,

Does anyone else have the problem that the Anymixpro surround panner is not working in Nuendo 7?

It will load the surround panner, but Nuendo treats it as it’s in bypass… Even when I build a new session from scratch, nothing happens. You can move the panner around, but it’ll only come from my Left and Right speaker…
But when I load the Surroundpan or the Surroundpanner V5, I can pan the audio around again; full 5.1 surround party!

Does anyone have a solution for this, because I build the Anymix pro in many former 5.1 projects in Nuendo 6.5, which I need to access and work on in Nuendo 7!!



Works fine here. Been working with it for the last monts in N7.
No issue at all.


No problems here!

Are you guys working on the 32 bit, or 64 bit Nuendo?

The weird part is, that when I start a new project, Nuendo 7 64 bit treats it like the Anymix is in bypass. But when I load a surround project in Nuendo 7 64 bit which I did in Nuendo 6.5 32 bit, it loads perfectly with full anymix features and presets working.

Any solutions?



Works fine here too; x64


do you still have that problem? It works for us here, but could you please construct a simple project, where you think it is not working, and then send that project to us? We then could maybe analyze it further.


Hey Guys,

We’ve narrowed it down. It’s only happening when we put the channel on monitor. What we hear is a stereo signal from the left and right speaker (we have a minimac with Spotify playing on it), even though we panned it to the left surround speaker via Anymix.
But when we put a piece of audio on the same channel and play that back with the monitor fuction off, the audio sample only comes from the left surround speaker.

Can anyone see if the can reproduce the same results?

The issue is not happening when you use any another surroundpanner than anymix, even when you have the channel on monitor…