Nuendo 7 Automation Delay Issues

Hey, I have an issue with Automation being quite delayed in Nuendo 7 when just doing simple EQ changes.

Does anyone have experienced similar issues or knows a solution to this?

Below picture is an empty session, with one Audio File where I punched in an EQ change to take of the High End (see automation curves in picture). The lower track contains the rendered file where you can clearly see the delay :neutral_face: This is Nuendos internal Channel Stip EQ and no other Plugins are active in the Session.

Thanks for linking this post. So the delayed automation in Nuendo is a given even with their own tools?
I also noticed that sharp automation changes can create different results when playing back the same location multiple times.

Recently I have worked on some Ambisonic Designs in Reaper, and it literally had sample-accurate Automation.

While I understand that you can circumvent the delayed automation by punching in your automation earlier, or using multiple tracks instead of hard punches, it basically shows that the current automation system has an unreliable playback behavior. Looking at the Screenshot above, the automated Curve in Nuendo has a delay of 150 milliseconds… :confused:

you can’t do that type of evaluation test with the eq. That will only test the response on the eq and nothing else.

The eq has a extra slow response. It even has a setting to control it a reponse between slow and fast but even the fast setting is far from immediate so any automation test must use a plugin that does not soften incoming automation changes like the eq does. It does this on purpose, personally I think both settings are way to slow and I wouldn’t chose those settings if it was my choice.

I see thank you for the clarification! Do you know if the smoothing for the EQ is implemented purely to soften harsh Automation changes or is it because of technical limitations? Would be great to have an “instant” option, that actually follows the current automation without any smoothing.

Back in Nuendo 5 I think it was it was easy to get “zipper clicks” when the automation changed abruptly, i think the change was a response to that and also for folks relying on presets as a preset change will always “be” abrupt and this smoothes the transition.

I don’t know exactly as I have no inside knowledge about it. But I and many others reported the issues with the clicking eq back then.