Nuendo 7 [BUG] when switching projects

Hi there

i lately have experienced a strange behaviour.

When opening a project the next day suddenly all plugins (inserts) where gone.

That happened more than once.

Then i realised, that it happens, when i switch to a second project in the background and activate that and back again.

Another thing that seems suspicious, if i change folders or the order in the plugin manager - meaning: how the plugins are sorted then as well - the plugins disappear.

I will try to generate a minimal session and plugin collection to make it reproducable.

Can anyone conform ?

Best Regards


I’m guessing something is wrong with your setup. This is the first time I’ve heard of something like this.

Could you try saving projects on different drives maybe?

Also, as you mentioned, try starting completely new projects not from templates. See if it still happens.

And lastly, write out clear steps so we can reproduce the error if it’s an actual bug.


What could be wrong with my setup ??

I am on OS X and was a little suspicious about the read write permissions in the “Libray” - Folder - And i am using a ssd .

But otherwise i wouldn’t know in which direction to look for “my setup being wrong” - What else can be wrong in a setup ?

Regarding you ins point:

In this case that is impossible, because i am just working on a project that someone else created. So this is not an option right here.

Actually it happened, that plugins disappeared simply after switching channels off and on again

…. will post a screen-record and detailed steps again

Best Regards