Nuendo 7 Crashes every night

Don’t know why! I’m using the latest version (7.030) along with Focusrite’s Dante card and Rednet 2’s. I’ve got Kontakts’ latest version and Halion Symphonic Orchestra. Everything works fine but if I leave my computer on (I have it set to keep the hard drives, cpu, screen, etc. running all the time) overnight. The next morning Nuendo is completely locked up. All Nuendo screens are frozen.

Using a fresh install of Windows 8.1

I’m assuming it isn’t Nuendo alone, as I see no one else complaining, but I wonder what to look for. What should I try changing to determine the cause?

Digging deeper…
I did a search on crash dumps and found one for “synsopos.exe” that occurred at the same approximate time as my most recent crash. Nuendo actually crashed today just 20 minutes after starting it up. I get a complete lockup/freeze. Can only cntl/alt/delete and end the task to close it.

I’ve had my Nuendo dongle since the first version of Nuendo, what, 10 years ago? Is there a battery in it that might fail? Synosopos.exe is the program for the dongle, right?

No battery however there have been hardware revisions for the keys. They retail quite cheaply and you could transfer your licences across to a new one to see if that helps.

I suggest to deactivate USB power management in device manager. Sounds like the PC is deactivating your USB controllers to save energy - bad luck for a dongle based application like Cubase.