Nuendo 7 cross grade from ProTools

I’m attempting to purchase the cross grade to Nuendo 7 from ProTools. I downloaded the form and then tried to contact 5 dealers, all said they had no idea about it and couldn’t process it. So I sent the qualifying information to the yamaha email address on the form.

It’s been a couple of days, anyone know how long this takes? It’s pretty simple from my perspective - look at the license card, issue the deal.


Hello Hugh,

In which country are you? Perhaps we can redirect you to the corresponding dealer or distributor.

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I wasn’t going to post anything here until successful completion, but it’s been over a week since I started and a couple folks from this forum have offered to help so here’s an update.

The email address on the cross grade form never gave any results, not sure why. I sent a service request with the information and received a response from Joshua. He’s very helpful and sent a one time link to purchase, unfortunately the link was for Cubase not Nuendo. Some small sighing ensued.
I’ve sent him a couple more notes that it was for the wrong product, I’m willing to accept he has some days off per week and hasn’t gotten back to me. It’s been four days since the wrong link, hopefully that will be resolved.

I will post when this is successful.



Jeff from support emailed me with a valid link for the one time discounted purchase. I received notice of shipping today.

They are very helpful but I’m not sure why the official cross grade channel didn’t work. I’m debating whether to do it again with another HD system.

Thanks to those who offered assistance.

Hello again,
I wrote back to Jeff from Steinberg support about using a second HD system to cross grade again, he called me for clarification then had me send the documentation to him. I received a purchase link shortly thereafter.
Very helpful.