Nuendo 7 initializes all settings

Hey all,

I’ve used this board to fix the majority of my problems (thanks!), but never found a fix for this.

I’ve had this problem in various versions of both Nuendo and Cubase throughout the years on al matter of different setups and systems, so I’m pretty sure it is not hardware/version related.

What happens: A system crash (they happen right…?), then a reboot, and launching Nuendo after that (but in the past I’ve had the same issue with Cubase as well) it launches as if it’s the first time I’ve ever launched it. It scans all VST plugins, initializes all kinds of data bases, any unregistered plugins/demo versions come back up wanting me to register, it asks if I want to register nuendo, It initializes my audio interface… And then there is two possible cases:

  1. Everything seems to be reset, but in place so I get to carry on where I left off. (have had this one a couple times during the past 2 years, about once every 3-6 months)

  2. worst case (today), all settings are gone.

My routing settings are gone, and so are all of the presets.
My key commands are gone, and so are all the presets.
My program preferences are gone, and so are all the presets.

It’s basically like I have a ‘fresh install’. Now in the past I didn’t care to much because at a couple clicks of my mouse I’d have my settings back in place, but in recent years my setup has grown quite large, and being a composer/sound designer for advertising and TV it’s imperative I am able to switch quickly between projects, and set stuff up quickly when clients come in, so I’ve started relying more and more on presets for routing, projects and key commands. Setting them all back is becomming quite the task! So I was wondering if there is a fix? I’ve come to accept that all my current settings are probably lost, but It would be nice if this was the last time it ever happened.


Okay, what started out as a minor nuisance has just turned into a serious bug/problem:

It seems I have, apart from my settings, just lost my track controls.
Track Controls missing.jpg
Opening the settings dialogue reveals this

And crashes Nuendo.

Contacting support as well, as I have work to finish before end of day.

If you kept a backup of your preferences then you can restore them. If you have not ever saved a backup, then you have learned the painful lesson many of us have experienced.

The prefs can be found in the following path…
c:\Users\yourComputerName\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Nuendo 7

Once you have your system the way you want it copy the WHOLE N7 folder to a secure location. Then if this ever happens again just copy the backup over top of the existing material in the N7 folder.

Or do you have some kind of system backup like acronis? With an image of your C-drive?
You could also restore just the folder I showed above.

If you do not have a backup, I don’t think you will be able to easily restore, you may have to rebuild your Prefs first. Your present prefs may be corrupt.

Good luck,