Nuendo 7 + NEK and Cubase 9 - installing overlapping content

I already have Cubase 9 installed and am about to install Nuendo 7 + NEK.

Much of the included sample content (halion sonic se 2 etc) in the Nuendo 7 installer seems to be the same as what I already have installed via Cubase 9.

If I keep all of the content checked, is the installer smart enough to know what is and isn’t already installed or will I have duplicate copies of all the content scattered on my hard drives?

Any help / advice is appreciated. Thank you!

at some point the installer will list the programs that are available for install.
If you click on each of those, it will say if it has detected content that is…

  1. already installed and up to date
  2. has a newer version you should install
  3. has not been installed.
    With this info you can elect to skip, or reinstall any portion.


Hi Brain,

I appreciate the reply. I don’t get any type of message regarding detected content or newer versions. The installer just tries to go ahead with the install into the default VST Sound folder. I’m on a Mac if that makes any difference. No options to skip etc. Am I doing something wrong?

probably not. I don’t know about MACs it may make a difference in how the installer works, or what it show.
this is what I get when I use the windows installer
N7 install page 1.jpg
N7 install page 2.jpg
N7 Install page 3.jpg
I was talking about page 3 content when I said it would show you what is installed or needs updating.

If this is not what you see, then maybe the MAC installer is different. ???

If the content is the same, it won’t hurt anything if you just go ahead and re-install.


Wow. Thank you so much for posting that. The Mac installer does not behave like that at all. There is no indication anywhere that the content is already installed like on your page 3 jpg.

Maybe another Mac user can confirm this?

Not sure if there is some technical reason why the installer on Mac is different, but I really wish Steinberg would update it to behave more like the Windows installer.

Thanks again for your help!