Nuendo 7 NEK score editor.

I used to be able to open up the score editor in Nuendo (with NEK)
But now I can’t anymore. I tried to reinstall Nuendo and NEK add ons but the NEK mark won’t show during the logosplash.

Does anybody have an idea what’s going on?
Do I really have to get Nuendo 8 to get this again.
NEK features are built in to N8 so NEK user should get it cheaper :wink:

(running win10)

I’m the opposite. Score Editor, Editor in Place opens in Nuendo 7 with NEC - not open Drum and Key Editor. White screens appear.
But - Like you - I did not get an answer. So I use Nuendo 5.5 with NEC - this works fine.
But this is paranoia. :open_mouth:

My Topic is: In Nuendo 7 and NEK 7, and white screen appears instead of Drum Editor

Maybe this is the solution to your problem?

I solved the problem by advice on: … ws#drivers

in the sub title: .Initializing preferences

Continue reading this:

And write - did it help? :question: :smiley: