Nuendo 7 not recording specific MIDI cc's

It’s driving me nuts, but I can’t write cc 20-23 for some strange reason. I’ve swapped out midi interfaces, tried using different controllers, and still can’t get it to work. They aren’t getting filtered in the MIDI preferences, and I can see midi activity on the transport but not the midi track’s meter. I’ve used MIDI OX to rule out the interface and controller, the hardware is fine.

I’ve even asked a friend to see if they have the same problem and they don’t. I went as far as borrowing their controller to see if that works and it didn’t. It’s got to be Nuendo but I can’t see how.

Any of you fine folks ever encounter this problem before?


Do you use any Generic Remote, or other Remote Device? Does this device use MIDI CC 20-23?

Thanks for your reply Martin.Jirsak. I discovered that QuickControls were assigned to these controllers. Disabling quick controls fixed the issue.

. . which is a perfect segue into a question I’ve been sitting on for a while:

I use lots of CCs to control various MIDI performance elements - especially on my Orchestral Libraries.

I had the same experience as benatural (different CC but not getting through) and discovered that it was assigned to a quick control - which I don’t use - so I set that Remote for “not connected” and that fixed it.

Here is my issue:
I use the same hardware for a lot of CCs to VST Instruments AND some Generic Remote general control things (CR Volume, Click Volume, Copy Version, etc).
I have to use “All MIDI Inputs” to send my keyboard AND the CC info (from different Hardware) to the VST Instrument.
Why is Cubase allowing the CC#s/channels and Note#s/channels that I use as “Generic Remote” Controls through to the VST Instrument but stopping anything assigned to the “Quick Controls” section? I wish it would stop anything used in a “Remote Device”.

This would be nice to know.

I did find a workaround:

I dedicated MIDI channel 16 for Remote Devices and then used the Filter in Preferences to filter 16 out.
Cubase allows channel 16 to pass to Remote Devices but not to any MIDI or Instrument Tracks.