Nuendo 7 official release date & Grace Period start

Thanks Timo, but could you answer my question please? Will it make any difference if I upgrade from N5.5 to N6.5 before the release of N7?

Or to put it another way, if I upgrade from N5.5 to N6.5 NOW do I qualify for the N7 grace period?



as stated as the beginning of this thread, GP started on April 20. So if you update NOW to N6.5 you would be eligible for
a free Nuendo 7 Update.


It’s next week. Where is the pricing information?

Maybe, you answered your own question? :wink:


the official pricing will be available on Thursday. Pricing starts at EUR 149 for an Update
from Nuendo 6.5 to 7.


Hi Timo…from Nek to Nek (included), or Nek excluded?
Thanx :slight_smile:

Hello Valerio,

with NEK it will be EUR 249.


:slight_smile: Thanx Timo! :slight_smile:

So, this NEK thing is still arround.
I have always upgraded both, N & NEK, but not this time… maybe never…
I rather keep the existing N6.5 & NEK in addition to N7 on the machine.

If the NEK features where integrated into N7 for a slightly higher total price I wouldn’t / couldn’t mind.
But NEK 6 is sufficient for my line of work. So, not deal …

Cheers, Big K

I don׳t get this one.
If one want to upgrade only the software but not the NEK, he cant to this? in the moment i buy the NEK im obligated to update it for eternity? :open_mouth:

Or you could use the old version with the old version of Nuendo, or not use it at all.

Steinberg doesn’t listen to reason on this one. It’ll probably never ever go away.

Cool Timo and thank you very much :smiley:
Can’t wait to have Nuendo7 with NEK :ThumbsUp Steinberg:
I will go check also for the N7 worldtour!

Michel Blanchet

The NEK idea has always bothered me too. It is kind of like a plugin for Nuendo. Imagine having to pay for an updated version of your plugins each time you updated Nuendo.

Does it seem odd to anyone that we could pay for a Nuendo update with out the NEK and actually have fewer features?

We should have the option of using a previous NEK with any Nuendo update. And if the features in the new NEK are worthy of purchase, then we could buy it too…or not.


Ever so true…
I guess, I’ll have somebody looking into this matter.
The EU jurisdiction is always good for some surprises.

Big K

of course that should work, pretty sure N7 is just a new stand alone version you can have installed alongside 6.5 as usual. You buy N7 update without the NEK if you don´t need Cubase music features/plugins. You can either open 6.5 (with NEK features) if you keep it installed or open N7 (without NEK features).

why? You only bought the Cubase features of a previous version, why should the new ones be free?

You can´t just use an “old” NEK with a newer base software version, NEK just “unlocks” additional features of each version.
In fact I am convinced this is just done for the post production folks so they are not forced to buy music features they don´t need or want, so they can have a reduced price. Extra music features for a post production application are logically an “expansion kit”.

If the twisted unfair idea of the NEK is so charming to you, please tell me,
why for the love of god, Cubase users can “get away” with - TC, Media bay, video track, big Metering system, aaf option, Convolution reverb and dozen more post production features?

A. If so where is the “Cubase expansion kit” for 249$? why do we need to care this bag of stones by ourselves?

B. Every cow in the fields of Holland knows that most features(not vsti) of the NEK are MIDI FUNCTIONS. MIDI.
yes…the 0-127 thing. I need to pay extra money and to be captive to extra updates for build in midi features that every 14 years old cubase user taking for granted?

C. this is 2015 - I wanna know where is the line of what is called “Post production”, where is the menifest, where are the list of rules that say what is “post production” work - is it only for big “old school” production suites with big budgets? the guy with personal studio that sound designing the film plus editing plus “give us some music moments” this is NOT post production?
Seriously - Why anybody in steinberg thinks he has the legitimacy to decide what is post production and what is music…musical sound arragment for video art is post but not musical enough?

when i look at this from this angle - I DONT THINK IT IS EVEN LEGAL TO TAKE THIS ABSURD MONEY CAUSE ANYTHING AND EVERY TOOL IS POST F****CKN PRODUCTION. then again, unless video does not belong to music and then where is the “CUBASE EXPANSION KIT”???

The only blame is the nuendo users that keeps absurd going. the blame is on us.

I bet some post production people are happy SB gave them the option not to pay for music features they don´t use in their app, no idea what you mean by “unfair and twisted”. You could still get Cubase instead.
Would you prefer they get rid of NEK and just charge 249.- for everyone, forcing music features on post users too?

I bet post production people who dont use musical tools couldnt care less if there are or there arent music features in the product.
No one forcing nobody - dont use what u dont need.

Your “logic” does not explain or hold any of my (1000 of other members who wrote about this) well questions about the issue. actually, it is beyond any logic why YOU should defend this policy without give any answers to the basic questions.

For the money question - read again my message - 249 for midi build in features that are already included in the program plus the fact that much cheaper product has it all?
plus NEK people need to pay every update for the whole thing? If I wanna use nek 6 with N7? what if this configuration is more than enough for me?

Really, if u dont have serious answers to the very serious questions i brought up in my last comment. at least stop disturb.

You are assuming that -like a plugin- the NEK can be ported from one version to another.
That is not the case. The musical features (NEK) are part of the application and can not be moved from one version to another. Just like -for example- VCA faders can’t be moved from one version to another.
The Nuendo 7 NEK also contains new features and new content (Vs 6.5 NEK), hence why there is also an upgrade cost for the NEK.

For the money question - read again my message - 249 for midi build in features that are already included in the program plus the fact that much cheaper product has it all?

The much cheaper product (you are obviously referring to Cubase) does NOT have it all.
Cubase does not have all the Nuendo exclusive features, hence why Nuendo is more expensive.

Really, if u dont have serious answers to the very serious questions i brought up in my last comment. at least stop disturb.

Come on, please. You are not the only one who is entitled to voice your opinion here.
Some people don’t agree with you, and you don’t agree with some others.
Nothing wrong with that.
If we (the moderators) were to disagree with anyone who doesn’t share our point of view, we could also label that as “disturbing” the forum. Would you agree that we delete all these posts?

Point is that upgrading Nuendo Full version costs 249€, and that the stripped down version (without musical features) costs 149€.

In other words, the N7NEK has extra features and content worth 100€, and N7Application has extra features worth 149€.

Now, you can turn this around as much as you want, there has NEVER been a raise in price for the full application.
When NEK was introduced, the upgrade price was NOT more expensive than before.
The only thing that has happened is that a CHEAPER version, with less features activated, was offered.

Any other interpretation of these facts is incorrect.