Nuendo 7 on Sale until Feb 20, 2017

Heard about this on another forum but not through Steinberg, however it checks out…

Nuendo 7, the full license is on sale for $999.00 USD until Feb 20, 2017. Upgrades including Nuendo + NEK are well priced too. Pretty good if you have been jonesin’ to get Nuendo but the original price tag was just a bit too much to stomach.

Hopefully this means 7.5 drops right after that.

They usually have a grace period, so I guess the earliest date would be after that.

I got this here newsletter via email:

But I must say this is a kick in da face for those who bought it for 1800$+
Giving a special price of 1.400 would have been enough.

And: where is the discount for the NEK thingy towards the existing Nuendo users?
Say, … for those who are regularly updating Nuendo since N1, N2, N3 …

CYA, Big K

Steinberg make it pretty hard to be a Nuendo user over a Cubase one IMHO.

tell me what’s new…

I’d like to buy this, in fact I went to buy Nuendo 7, but it says it is not available in my country. I contacted support, but posting here in case any others have had this issue or know how to fix it…

All audio software is discounted heavily during periodic “flash” sales these days. Check out Plugin Alliance and many others. If you thought Nuendo was worth buying when you bought it, I believe it’s irrelevant what price it was or will be at some other time. What about the work you did with Nuendo in the meantime? Do you really resent Nuendo allowing someone else, at another time in history, to save some money? You would really prefer that a new user pay $400 more, as you wrote above?

Just one man’s opinion.

Yes, I do!
Reasons? Think it through …

I agree with Getalife, and I’d offer the following perspective;

if Nuendo had the market share that PT has, or if this was PT, then I’d possibly be miffed about it. But since that’s not the case there’s an argument for doing what is necessary to keep growing the market share. That should actually benefit those of us that have been on Nuendo for years. More users = more work on the platform, and we’re in the position of having more experience on it.

So look at what happened on the PT side of things; the pricing structure about a year ago or so was very much “encouraging” (some would say “forcing”) users to upgrade, but now the new pricing is much more beneficial for new users. But the difference is that the Avid eco-system consisted of a bunch of proprietary hardware in addition to it being the industry standard, so if you were a user in a lower end of the market it really hurt. You were essentially “forced” to upgrade within a year or face much steeper prices after. But that all changed recently, and so some of those who waited are getting better deals.

Now, if you’re looking at investing in one of the two best DAWs out there for post, meaning either Nuendo or PT, both of which are fantastic workstations, your Native PT option is actually $1k per year. If you make a living on it you’ll make that cost back pretty quickly. If you’re in a major market you might make say $50/hr as an independent engineer and that means you need to work 20 hrs per year to make that back. That’s not a lot. But people look at the up-front cost at the lower end of the spectrum so they see $999 and compare that to Nuendo’s $1,700 (without NEK) and think PT is a steal. Over the course of two years they’re even, but on the other hand if they stop renting PT after year one they’re ahead.

Taking the above into account and adding the fact that we’ve been using Nuendo since we bought it on release I agree that it’s totally fine that there’s a price drop now. I prefer a wider user base I think.

What I don’t like, and where I do think that criticism and user “feedback” is warranted, is releasing software that takes a long time before it’s actually working the way it should. If I was Steinberg I would do two things as a “perk” to those who pay the most;

1: Make the Nuendo+NEK license include all Cubase versions. That would be a nice gesture to those who pay the most, as well as put the whole leap-frogging/NEK nonsense in a better context.

2: Add value to Nuendo without raising the price. After all, I understand that while giving something away represents losing potential revenue, it doesn’t add cost, but it adds “goodwill”. So, grab one of the other items sold, like Halion full version or something else, and bundle that with Nuendo (or at least NEK) to add value.

Agreed. I think Steinberg should have lowered the price about a year ago, if they were to really capitalize on AVID changing their approach to increasing the ProTools market share.

Yes I have felt the same way, SB should add their VST collection to Nuendo to sweeten the pot which would probably not have much of an effect on SB’s revenue and NEK should simply be part of Nuendo but they would probably loose revenue over a move like that.

Regardless, I hope Steinberg is successful in bringing over a lot more of the Pro crowd to Nuendo. The more Nuendo seats there are, the more development will occur which will benefit all of us here.